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Toy Doctor Kit

Make real-life play loads of fun with our toy doctor kits

Doctors play kits for toddlers are some of the best kits to have as they are amazing for both home play or for dress-up at playschool.

Kids love real-life play, and our kids toy doctor kits are wonderful additions to their playrooms.


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Tin and vintage style doctors play kits for toddlers to choose from

Parents who want to add a vintage touch to their children’s playtime will love gifting their little ones with our tin and vintage style doctor play kits for toddlers.

Fun and easy to carry around, little ones will absolutely love being ”on-call” and ready to treat a sick teddy bear or bunny.

All the essentials for fun play with our toy doctor kits

Our luxe kids toy doctor kits with nifty carry bags are packed with cool playtime essentials such as lab coats and face masks, plus other fun essential to make them feel like perfect mini doctors.

Your little ones will love taking temperatures and “writing down” prescriptions when they are ready to “make their diagnoses”, adding to the fun of imaginative play. My Happy Helpers range offers mini kids toy doctor kits in racy red bags too, making it ideal to take to playdates or on-the-go to have fun with on trips with mum and dad.

Eco-friendly wooden toy doctor kits for budding little doctors

For parents who prefer wooden toys for their little ones, our kids toy doctor kits range offers beautifully painted wooden doctors play kits for toddlers too.

These sweet little toy doctor kits include spring-loaded syringes, sliding thermometers and flexible stethoscope arms, all packed in sturdy carry cases with metal clasps and handles.

Shop perfect kids toy doctor kits today

Our doctors play kits for toddlers promises hours of playtime for little ones as they do fun role-play that doubles up on empathy and problem-solving too.

So, why not treat them a little – have a look at our toy doctor kits on offer today!

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