Cuddle and Kind

Pardon the pun, but it’s safe to say that Cuddle and Kind toys are truly one of a well, kind. Every single toy is handknit by talented artisans in Nepal and Peru, providing them with a fairtrade living income.

When buying Cuddle and Kind dolls in Australia, you’re supporting a sustainable business that uses only the finest quality materials. To top it all off, their soft toys are simply some of the cutest on the market. Check out our Cuddle and Kind range and pick up something for your little one that will stand the test of time.


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Why buy Cuddle and Kind toys?

On top of supporting an ethical business, there are multiple reasons to buy Cuddle and Kind toys. Soft toys offer a sense of security to children and help comfort them in moments of distress.

In addition, they encourage imaginative play, which can be instrumental in teaching social and communication skills to little ones. Kids can also practise new skills by replicating them on their soft toys, such as brushing teeth or tying shoelaces. Since Cuddle and Kind products are made from first-rate materials, they’re highly resistant to any wear and tear caused by enthusiastic kiddos.


What are the different types of Cuddle and Kind toys?

No matter your child’s age, gender or interests, there’s a Cuddle and Kind toy for them. Their toys come in a range of adorable designs, from dogs and bunnies to more unusual animals like polar bears and flamingos.

You can even find Aussie-themed toys like a cute koala perfect for teaching children about native animals. All of Cuddle and Kind’s products come in a choice of two sizes, so you can purchase a matching set or pick the most suitable size for your child’s age. 


What should I know about Cuddle and Kind?

Each and every Cuddle and Kind doll is made with natural 100% cotton yarn that has been safety tested and ethically sourced. Plus, they are finished with hypoallergenic felt and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester filling, making them allergy-friendly.

As we mentioned, Cuddle and Kind products are made by a team of over 1,000 artisans across Peru and Nepal, two countries with a rich history and expertise in knitting. You can be assured that although you’re buying Cuddle and Kind in Australia, you’re still supporting the team behind these lovingly crafted toys.


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