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Wooden Train Sets

A timeless classic, wooden train set is a toys that creates generations of wonderful memories. 

Wooden train sets bring you feelings of nostalgia, of wonderful childhood days playing trains, making the steam noises, and whistling as the trains went through the signals.

Our wooden train sets are timeless classics that will turn into family heirlooms with such wondrous things such as a pull-along train, a wooden train set with its own carry case, a fairy train set, and more.

Have your children working their imaginations and not their tablets or TV remote controls. Get hands-on with these wonderfully crafted wooden toys and accessories. Steam through tunnels and over bridges and into the hearts of the young.

Scroll through our collection, discover the wooden train set that will fire up the engines of your children’s minds, and buy today. 


Shop our Wooden Train Sets



Toy Vehicles

Wooden Train Set in Carry Case


Educational Play

Train Whistle


Toy Vehicles

Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set


Wooden Traffic Signs 20pc
Sold Out

Construction Play

Wooden Traffic Signs 20pc


Toy Vehicles

Vehicle Pack


Toy Vehicles

Figure of Eight Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Bamboo Pull Along Train


Toy Vehicles

Fairy Town Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Road Signs Pack


Toy Vehicles

Wooden Farm Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Town and Country Train Set


Toy Vehicles

My First Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Wooden Stacking Train


Toy Vehicles

Mountain Railway Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Fairy Accessory Expansion Pack


Construction Play

Wooden Traffic Signs


Toy Vehicles

Wooden Train


Toy Vehicles

Take-Along Railroad


Babies and Toddlers

Toy Storage Bag - Train


Toy Vehicles

Railway Bucket Builder Set


Construction Play

Crossing & Crane Set


Toy Vehicles

Fire Station Train Set


Toy Vehicles

Wooden Train With Stacking Blocks - Esme


Toy Vehicles

Train with Rail Tape


Does your child love Wooden Trains ? Shop similar collections

Our beautiful range of of Wooden Train Sets come in a variety of Colours and Sizes.

Our Train sets come in various materials, both wood and bamboo train sets, and various shapes - figure eight, circular, and stacking train sets. Your little ones will surely find the perfect wooden train set from our curated selection.

Train Sets allow your child to use their imaginations and have fun without the need to be in front of a screens.

Children the world over love the creativity of building something and making it move, and for these reasons, wooden toy trains make great gifts from generation to generation.

Studies have demonstrated that toys such as Wooden Train Sets can improve your child's fine motor skills

Initially, your child may engage in simple games, but the complexity of their play will grow as they continue to learn more about the world around them. You can rest assured that their first wooden train set will serve many uses. Unlike toys that require the use of batteries to provide sound effects and movements, your child will be completely in control as they make sounds of their train set.

Watch as your little one  determines which direction their train will travel, how far and even how loud their train needs to be.  Open Ended Wooden Train Sets encourage your little ones  to learn to make decisions, solve problems, and have fun without the limitations of louder toys with preset rules.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Why buy wooden train sets for kids?

The quality of our wooden train sets is far and above the plastic toys you can buy in any store. A solid quality about them that can survive years of playing, and even survive the big train crashes that are going to happen.


Kids can use their imagination, enhance their motor skills and storytelling skills.

Wooden train sets can become collectible, they can be handed down to children and grandchildren, so they can have the same fun that you did.

Are wooden train sets expensive?

For what you buy, no, we believe wooden train sets are not expensive. You’re buying something hand-crafted. You’re buying something unique, not mass-produced. You are buying a toy with character, with a wonderful textile feel to it. Not a cold, hard plastic toy that will be forgotten in a few months.


Wooden trains are an investment. The time spent playing with them, adding to the track, the town, showing off to their friends, is well worth the money put in to buy it now. Wooden train sets last for years.

What are the different types of wooden train sets?

You would be pleasantly surprised to know that there is not just one size fits all when it comes to wooden train sets.

You can buy a traditional figure 8 train set, or a fairy-themed figure 8 set. Then you can add to your fairy train set with the Fairy Town train set, which has a bridge and a train yard! Throw in the Fairy Accessory Expansion Pack and you have the beginnings of a very pretty fairy town.

Combine the Town and Country set, with the Mountain Railway Train set, get yourself a Train Whistle, and you can have hours of fun.

We have more trains in store for you. Perfect Christmas gift, anyone?

Where can I buy Wooden Train Sets for kids ?

Look through our extensive online range of Wooden Train Sets and find the one that will make your kids most excited to play trains !

If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not drop in and visit us- 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

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