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We have Australia's best range of building and construction toys and wooden toy sets for kids. 

My Happy Helpers is proud to provide affordable, yet quality wooden building and construction toys to Australian families.  Our range includes building toys, construction sets, build and play toys, toy trucks, flockmen sets and wooden construction toys

Inspire your child’s creativity and imagination with our wooden building blocks and toys.

 Our building and construction sets allow your child to use their imagination while they play, which is hugely beneficial for developing their organisational skills. Construction is not just about trucks; it is also about blocks, creative pay, open ended play and encouraging our little ones fine motor skills. These types of products allow your little one to imagine a space and build as they see fit. Whether it be bridges, towers of monuments, parks, tunnels, buildings, houses, cars, trucks or trains. Children will use their creativity while they play.

Shop the best range of building, build it, build and play and Construction Toys right here.

My Happy Helpers are dedicated to providing Australian families with quality building and construction toys. If you would like to purchase, or are interested in the different types of wooden building blocks that we have for sale, browse our selection or email our team for more information about the products.