NDIS Approved Toys



NDIS toys qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) initiative that works to provide funds for children with disabilities to access appropriate toys.

My Happy Helpers is a registered NDIS provider in every Australian state except Western Australia and Northern Territory. This means that eligible customers can receive a rebate on toys they purchase via My Happy Helpers. We are proud to be a part of this initiative and encourage you to browse our online range while looking for NDIS approved toys today.

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Why buy NDIS toys for kids?


NDIS approved toys are a valuable asset for any parent of a child with a disability. Regardless of your financial situation, NDIS funding can significantly impact your ability to provide suitable toys for your child.

Equipping your child with toys that are ideal for their unique needs and skills can positively impact and improve their overall quality of life. The right kind of intellectually stimulating and educational toys can help them to reach their goals and full potential.

Are NDIS toys expensive?

It’s safe to say that our range of NDIS approved toys is suitable for all budgets. On the more affordable end of the scale, you’ll find products like a Fidget Ball, Rainmaker and Wooden Rattle, all for under $20 each.

If you’d prefer to find something a little more lavish, we suggest checking out this 4 in 1 Wooden Bike or this Wooden Climber and Slide set ($530.00) that offers major bang for your buck.


What are the different types of NDIS toys?

NDIS toys generally tend to relate to sensory skills and exploration, but there is still plenty of variety within those broader categories. This Kaleidoscope allows children to experience a world of colour via their own trinkets, while these Sensory Squares encourage observation and concentration.

Speaking of sensory-specific toys, this set of 9 Sensory Shapes will stimulate several of your child’s senses. Meanwhile, if you’re in the market for something that will encourage both creativity and problem solving, we recommend this wooden Build-a-Robot.