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Gem Blocks

Our range of Gem Blocks are some of the most beautiful and attractive toys for kids.

Our Gem block Sets range from Lucite Cubes, Papoose Bit Coins and Bauspiel Gem Blocks. All of the options offering an elegant and glittering gem embedded inside the block, creating a little sparkle and magic when the sunlight catches the diamond! 


Shop our Best Selling Gem Blocks

Dutch Step Gables Blocks/16pc


Bauspiel Lucite Cubes/100pc


Bauspiel Lucite Cubes/20pc


Bitcoin Goethe Set/12pc


Bauspiel Window Shapes - 36pc


Bauspiel Fairy Colour Windows


Double Gem Blocks/20pc


Sensory Blocks - Set of 6


Dutch Step Gables Windows/16pc


Bauspiel Dragon's Lair


Bauspiel Mirror Blocks - 12pc


Bauspiel Colour Street - 45pc


Bitcoin Earth Set/15pc


Bitcoin Rainbow Set/15pc


Bitcoin Window Earth Set/15pc


Gem Block Set


Windows - 25pc


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