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Learning Towers

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Unique, stylish & safe, we stock Australia's best Montessori Learning Towers

The My Happy Helpers™ range of Australian Toddler Learning Towers all feature the same beautifully unique, patented, slimline designs. With their sleek arches and silky-smooth finishes, this is one piece of toddler furniture your entire family will appreciate.
The Montessori Learning Tower range is designed to support and enhance your child’s search for independence, whilst also fulfilling their natural curiosity to explore every inch of their environment. Your child will love our variety, as the Montessori learning tower is also a step stool, toddler kitchen helper and kid’s wooden kitchen accessory.

Our Learning Towers

Our Fisso Towers come in the same beautiful colours as our other towers, however they offer a more affordable option than our top of the range Evo or Evo XL Toddler Towers. The Fisso towers are ideal for toddlers aged 12months - 3years, (please see our safety guidelines) however the top step is not height adjustable. These towers are an excellent starter Tower and are absolutely perfect if there is likely to be another child that it can be handed down to.
Our Tavolo Learning Tower takes the Fisso design and flips it into a toddler table. By simply releasing and locking 3 metal side locks, you can transform your Tavolo Learning Tower into the perfect toddler sized table, in seconds. All of our towers are varnished and sealed, meaning your Tavolo Tower to Table can be used for mealtimes or arts and crafts and all it takes is a damp cloth to keep it looking good.
At the top of our range, we have the Evo and... Read More