Learning Towers

The My Happy Helpers™ collection of Toddler Learning Towers, each showcase our patented, slimline design. Our Learning Tower series fosters independence and curiosity, serving as a step stool, toddler kitchen helper, and a versatile kids' wooden kitchen accessory.

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Discover our Learning Tower Range

.At My Happy Helpers, we stock the largest range of Learning Towers in Australia.

Thoughtfully designed and thoroughly safety tested we have your families needs top of mind. With sleek arches and smooth finishes, our Montessori Learning Towers resonates with families around the globe.

Where can I buy a Montessori Toddler Tower?

Whether you are after a toddler helper stool, Montessori step stool, toddler step stool or toddler kitchen helper, we have a variety of children’s wooden kitchen accessories for sale and our professional team are more than happy to discuss your needs and recommend the perfect item for your little one. Based in Melbourne, we also ship Australia wide. Including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Adelaide, Darwin, the Gold Coast and Cairns.
Whichever design you choose, you can rest assured that it adheres to our strict quality control measures and contains absolutely no harmful, or undesirable chemicals. As a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated business, we want every family to have the best quality products at a reasonable price. Our products are designed in Australia for Australian families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are MHH the Industry Experts and Global Leaders: My Happy Helpers Learning Towers stand out as the premium choice for several reasons:

  1. Safety First: Our Learning Towers prioritize child safety with sturdy construction and compliance with stringent global safety standards.
  2. Innovative Design: Featuring a patented slimline design, our towers blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a stylish addition to any space.
  3. Australian Craftsmanship: Designed in Australia, our Learning Towers reflect quality craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity.
  4. Versatility: Our towers serve multiple purposes, acting as a learning tool, step stool, toddler kitchen helper, and children's wooden kitchen accessory all in one.
  5. Montessori Principles: Aligned with Montessori principles, our towers empower children to explore their environment independently, fostering a sense of autonomy.
  6. Proven Quality: Trusted by thousands of Australian parents, our Learning Towers have earned a reputation for premium quality and reliability.
  7. Variety: Explore our diverse range, offering options like the Montessori Learning Tower, suitable for children from 12 months and designed to cater to various needs.
  8. Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing excellent service, addressing unique requirements, and maintaining transparency throughout the buying process.

Choose My Happy Helpers for a Learning Tower that embodies safety, innovation, versatility and proven quality, making it the premium brand in the market.

Are Learning Towers Safe? Safety is our top priority at MHH

Safety Testing: Our entire range of Towers are independently tested against both the relevant mandatory and voluntary Australian Safety Standards associated with children’s products. We also test the MHH range to USA, UK and EU standards.
These tests include tip over tests, chemical tests, drop tests, load bearing tests and dozens of other essential checks. For more information on these standards, please see our Safety Standard Compliance section at the bottom of our page.)

Chemical Testing: Our range of towers passes the most rigorous testing to ensure they do not contain any harmful chemicals and that all aspects of the design are safe for everyday use. We continually make changes and improvements to our designs as we believe our customers deserve only the very best.

Grade of Timber: We use the very best grade European Plywood - the thickness of the wood is less important than the grade, strength and glues used to manufacture and we choose the very best combinations to ensure our towers can comfortably hold 100kg of weight for 12 hours.

Sustainability: Our wood is responsibly sourced and is FSC certified. 

Before purchasing one of our Learning Towers, please ensure you have read all safety information on our site regarding the correct usage of our towers.

Given the nature of Raw and painted Natural Timber and plywood, there may be irregularities in the colour, grain or coarseness of the timber. These imperfections are not considered defective and do not affect usage in any way. We do not consider these natural grain imperfections to be reason for a warranty claim. If you are unhappy with a particular irregularity in the timber work, please see our returns policy for information on how to return. 

We also provide a 2year manufacturing warranty on all products for your peace of mind.

What are the different types of Learning Towers? Read below for the different types of towers on offer:

Tavolo: These towers take the Fisso design and flips it into a toddler table. By simply releasing and locking 3 metal side locks, you can transform your Tavolo Learning Tower into the perfect toddler sized table, in seconds. All of our towers are varnished and sealed, meaning your Tavolo Tower to Table can be used for mealtimes or arts and crafts and all it takes is a clean damp cloth to keep it looking fabulous.

Fisso: These Kitchen towers offer a more affordable solution than our top of the range Evo or Evo XL Toddler Towers. The Fisso Range is ideal for toddlers aged 12months - 2.5years, (please see our safety guidelines) however the top step is not height adjustable. These towers are an excellent starter Tower and are absolutely perfect if there is likely to be another child that it can be handed down to at a later stage. The Fisso also has the option of a Toddler Guard to ensure your child cant climb into the tower unsupervised. 

Evo 3.0: The Evo Range of Toddler Learning Towers are both height adjustable, meaning that as your child grows, you can lower the height of the top step. This ensures that your little one will always remain within our safety guidelines, even until age 6 or 7 years old. The Evo 3.0 has an optional Magnetic Whiteboard that slides into the back.

What age is a Learning Tower suitable for? Your little ones are growing up so fast!

Are you unsure about what the Learning Tower Recommended Age is? A learning tower is a wonderful consideration for little ones that are getting mobile – and the Learning Tower recommended age for starting to use these amazing toddler pieces is usually at around 12-18 months!  Designed to give your toddler more mobility and to allow them to develop their gross motor skills and balance as they climb and explore, learning towers truly provide little ones with amazing learning as they grow. 

What Is a Montessori Learning Tower? A Montessori Learning Tower is a type of learning tower inspired by the Montessori educational philosophy

It is designed to provide children with a safe and accessible platform to engage in hands-on learning experiences and practical life skills independently. These towers are made of sturdy materials and quality construction. Many of them have adjustable step heights and help to focus on developing life skills for your child.

What Are the Benefits of a Learning Tower? Learning towers have several benefits for young ones.

As most children start using learning towers from as early as 18 months to 2 years old, it’s important to help them foster a sense of curiosity and independence. Learning towers are super helpful for achieving this. They also improve safety, particularly for young ones who are just beginning to dip their toes into kitchen activities.

Why Should I Shop With My Happy Helpers? If you’re a parent that knows the value of great learning toys for kids, then you already know the answer to that!

We only select products that are of the highest quality. Only toys that are safe, durable, and great fun make it into our product list. We dispatch all orders within 24 hours and offer easy returns and exchanges. Customer (and child) satisfaction is our top priority!

What Is the Difference Between a Learning Tower and a Step Stool? Step stools are really only used for one purpose which is helping little ones to reach higher places and viewpoints

Learning towers still perform this function but with several additional functions. Learning towers help with safety and stability with their more enclosed construction. They’re also designed for more active participation as well as offer larger a wider range of adjustments compared to step stools.