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What's A Learning Tower Recommended Age?

What's A Learning Tower Recommended Age?

Your little ones are growing up fast, and you're not sure what the Learning Tower Recommended Age is ? 

A learning tower is a wonderful consideration for little ones that are getting mobile – and the Learning Tower recommended age for starting to use these amazing toddler pieces is usually at around 12-18 months!

Designed to give your toddler more mobility and to allow them to develop their gross motor skills and balance as they climb and explore, learning towers truly provide little ones with amazing learning as they grow.

Learning Tower Recommended Age can change depending on whether your tower is height adjustable. 

Some Montessori-inspired learning towers have another big perk up their sleeve: they allow you to adjust them as your little ones grow or, in some cases, have multi-purpose designs that enable you to morph your tower into a little mini desk where your toddler can do arts and crafts, eat or play.

For most designs, the top platform can be raised or lowered according to your child’s height. This means you won’t need several towers – one will be in order as it can be adapted easily!

As a starting point when your child has reached 18 months, the learning tower provides a safe stepping stool that won’t wobble or fall over as it supports your child’s weight.

No matter the learning tower recommended age, supervision is key

As your child starts exploring and enjoying their towers, it is important to keep a close eye – especially when they are still starting out using their tower and might still need to learn how to navigate it. A safety guard is also a good idea when the tower is not in use – this will ensure your little one doesn’t climb into their tower when mum and dad aren’t around!

Learning Tower Age depends on individual Children's development

Unlike other larger educational equipment for toddlers, learning towers are a perfect, straight-forward solution that doesn’t come with lengthy instructional manuals. If your little one is clambering up your leg when it's meal prep time, then they're at the perfect Learning Tower Age.

Simply position and let the fun begin – it is that easy!

Want to start shopping for a perfect learning tower? Visit our range page for products available.


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