Convertible Learning Tower

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Our Convertible Learning towers are the most practical way to keep your child safe in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a place of magic and learning for many little ones. Helping mum mix ingredients, having some messy fun as part of sensory play or just the joy of being able to reach the counter all add up to this joy. Not to mentioned the educational play benefits they get by learning more about the world around them. Now, imagine a learning tower that is adjustable and will help you and your child make the most of kitchen play!

Our beautifully designed and original Convertible Learning Tower comes with big benefits: it will quickly and easily transform the Learning Tower you use every day, into the perfect sized toddler table for meals and activities.

You will never regret investing in a Learning Tower. This piece of furniture helps young children to feel empowered, truly like they are ”big kids” that can do anything they set their minds to to achieve! So, why not let your child become part of kitchen time and let them indulge in educational play in the heart of the house? By encouraging your little ones to help in the kitchen, you are encouraging the development of your child’s fine motor skills.

Allowing your little ones to independently climb in and out of their convertible learning tower also helps to foster that sense of ownership and empowerment. Little ones that feel connected to their parents and see themselves as capable, independent humans, tend to develop an inner self confidence that sets them up for life.

Our Convertible Learning Towers are ideal for small spaces and limits your need to purchase a separate Toddler Table. In fact, once your toddler has finished... Read More