Convertible Learning Tower

Our beautifully designed and original Convertible Learning Tower comes with big benefits: it will quickly and easily transform the Learning Tower you use every day, into the perfect sized toddler table for meals and activities.

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Imagine a Learning Tower that's Convertible!

The kitchen can be a place of magic and learning for many little ones. Helping mum mix ingredients, having some messy fun as part of sensory play or just the joy of being able to reach the counter all add up to this joy. Not to mentioned the educational play benefits your little ones experience by learning more about the world around them.

A CONVERTIBLE tower will help you and your child make the most of kitchen play!

What is a Convertible Learning Tower?

Our Convertible Learning Tower blends versatility with design for the active toddler.

Starting its journey as a Learning Tower, it offers little ones the chance to be part of the kitchen action, whether helping mix ingredients, rinsing veggies, or simply watching as meals come to life. It's not just about watching; it's about experiencing and learning.

In a few easy steps, this adaptable piece of furniture seamlessly transforms into a toddler-friendly table. Perfect for art projects, snack times, or play. It's a smart solution that adapts to evolving needs while conserving space.

Convertible Towers help little ones to feel empowered, truly like they are ”big kids” that can do anything they set their minds to! So, why not let your child become part of kitchen time and let them indulge in educational play in the heart of the house?

By encouraging your little ones to help in the kitchen, you are encouraging the development of your child’s fine motor skills. Allowing your little ones to independently climb in and out of their convertible learning tower also helps to foster that sense of ownership and empowerment.

Little ones that feel connected to their parents and see themselves as capable, independent humans, tend to develop an inner self confidence that sets them up for life.

Our Convertible Learning Towers are ideal for small spaces and limits your need to purchase a separate Toddler Table. In fact, once your toddler has finished helping you in the kitchen, simply release the latches and flip the tower to create the ideal table for you toddler to enjoy their meals.

Convertible Learning Tower Styles for Every Home

When picking children's furniture, it can often be a challenge to find something that fits in with your home’s décor.

You will not have this problem when shopping our great product range! Our Convertible Learning Towers are available in all our traditional colours, which means you can now effortlessly pick the perfect combination to match your own interior style.

At My Happy Helpers, we as fellow parents, understand that kitchens can be messy. We understand that toddlers and kitchens combined can be a messy combo … Well, let us just say there's certainly a need for 'stain guarding'! For these reasons, all our Tavolo Convertible Learning Towers are sealed with non-toxic varnishes or paints, ensuring they remain in great condition for many years to come.

You will not find a more functional or practical piece of furniture than this, so shop this great design today and watch as your child gets an instant confidence boost as they start learning and exploring!

Provide Secure Exploration with Convertible Learning Towers

The convertible learning tower promotes a holistic approach to early childhood development.

As a tower, it facilitates engagement in everyday tasks, fostering practical life skills and encouraging a hands-on learning experience. Transitioning into a table and chair set, it becomes an ideal space for creativity, play, and focused learning activities. This multifunctional piece of furniture not only enhances physical development but also stimulates cognitive and social skills, providing a well-rounded educational environment for young children. The convertible learning tower stands out as an investment in both space optimization and comprehensive early childhood development, making it a valuable addition to homes and educational settings.