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Toys For Boys

Your little one can learn through play with our range of toys for boys! 

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to get boys for Christmas. The idea of “toys for boys” and what it means can be tricky. At My Happy Helpers, we think toys for boys are not just racing cars, pop guns and robots with lasers — the definition of “toys for boys” is much broader than that and we’re thankful for it.

Boys love toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. They like to jump around on our Junior Trampoline, solve the Forest Octagon Puzzle and work their imaginations with our Grand Garage Playset. Whatever sends his mind reeling and heart racing, it’s a winner with a boy!

While shopping for toys for boys, don’t think of the colour blue. Instead, imagine your boy playing, laughing, having fun and learning about shapes, colours and so much more. Don’t just give your boy a toy — give your boy an experience. 

Shop toys for boys online with My Happy Helpers! We’ve got a huge range of fun and educational toys for boys


Check out our Favourite Toys for Boys !



Balance & Move

Wooden Bilancio Balance Beam


Charlie Peg Dolls

Small World Play

Charlie Peg Dolls


Tambourine - Babynoise
Sold Out

Educational Play

Tambourine - Babynoise


Babies and Toddlers

Walker Pram White


Mini Cymbals
Sold Out

Educational Play

Mini Cymbals


Balance & Move

Toddler Bike Helmet


  • Matte Black
  • Matte Slate Blue
  • Matte Rose
  • Matte Silver Sage
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Construction Play

Wooden Tool Set


Balance & Move

Tiny Tot - Bamboo


Balance & Move

Tiny Tot - Sage


Babies and Toddlers

Walk and Ride Ice Cream Truck Sorter


Building Toys

117 Piece Project Blocks


Sold Out

Educational Play



Imaginative Play

Petilou Lady Bird Binoculars - Yellow


Balance & Move

Green Vintage Trybike


Balance & Move

Tiny Tot - Red


Babies and Toddlers

Walk And Ride Bunny Sorter


Super Hero Uriel Unicorn Plush Toy

Babies and Toddlers

Super Hero Uriel Unicorn Plush Toy


Sound Blocks - 12pc
Sold Out

Educational Play

Sound Blocks - 12pc


Educational Play

Wooden Weather Station


Balance & Move

Highwaykick 1



Our range of Toys for Boys will have your little ones discovering a whole new world of adventures ! 

It’s no secret that toys are essential for your child’s development and boys tend to develop rapidly… which is why it’s important to keep up with your boy and keep his mind and body active with new and exciting toys.


Toys give your boy many opportunities to learn while engaging in play at the same time. The best toys are “open-ended” — meaning your child can use them in lots of different ways.

Play is all about learning and growing and understanding the world. Give your child a great headstart with some fun and educational toys for boys!

Shop the best range of toys for boys in Australia

Shopping for the lucky little boy in your life has never been simpler. We have hundreds of fun and educational toys for boys to choose from, all available on Afterpay.

Why buy Toys for Boys?

You want to buy something that your child loves to play with and wants to play with. Having some guidance and direction to help you buy the right toys for your boy helps. And we’re toy experts, so let us help you.

Boys develop rapidly, can be bold when it comes to exploring the world around them. You can give them so many opportunities to learn, while engaging in play at the same time.

A construction play toolset can have your boy learning to be handy around the house, building things too. This blue vintage trybike can have them racing around the backyard, learning to ride and balance and keep fit. And they can learn about cleaning up and keeping the playspace clutter-free with this upright vacuum cleaner.


Are Toys for Boys expensive?

Shopping for your little one doesn’t have to be expensive. We have toys for boys under $10 that are still guaranteed to spark your boy’s interest — for example, we have a foldable frisbee that you can take to the park and work on his throwing, catching and hand-eye coordination skills. It’s simple, fun and effective!


We also have toys and activities at higher price points to keep your boy entertained for years to come. When shopping for toys, it’s important to think about their longevity — are they well built? Will your boy play with it for longer than an afternoon? Will they survive hours upon hours of play?

At My Happy Helpers, we’re proud of the toys we stock. Our natural wooden building blocks, for example, will survive hours of play and can be turned into buildings, rockets, cars, you name it. 

The value you get for the price you pay is incredible. Browse through our collection online now!

What are the different types of Toys for Boys?

The range of toys for boys that we have here is amazing. We have big wooden cars, like a wooden ambulance or a police car; or we have some smaller racing cars to play with.

If cars are not their thing, how about building? Start small with this row of houses, or houses and cubes. Take it to the next level with cubes with sound, so your boys can build and play and get more out of the toys.

Are they into riding bikes and scooters? You can give them a balance and move scooter, which helps with balance and muscle coordination. We have balance bikes or they can roll around, riding on the back of a giant ladybug. Don’t forget to get them a helmet to protect their growing minds!

Your boys could be the next Heston! So fire them up with a food mixer and baking set. Or they could be the next home renovation king, so they’d need a little carpenter’s bench.

My Happy Helpers has all the toys your boy’s imagination could need for them to dream of their future. Help them grow their minds and muscles with educational toys.

What are the best Toys for Boys ?

Has your boy found their first fascination? No matter what it is, we can guarantee we’ve got toys to match it! For example, if your little one has developed an obsession with cars, trucks and all things fast, he’ll love our range of wooden vehicles like ambulances and police cars, racecars. Together, you can create a course where you can race each other around the playroom floor, or build a city where ambulances and police cars can zoom to the rescue. 

Speaking of building, we have tonnes of building blocks and miniature wooden houses so your boy can build a city from the ground up. He can build skyscrapers, mansions, communities and more — who knows, you may have a little architect on your hands.

If you’re looking for something a little more active, we recommend a Balance & Move Scooter to help build their balance and muscle coordination skills. We also have balance bikes to roll around on — just don’t forget to grab a helmet to protect their growing minds.

Alternatively, your boy could be the next Heston or Gordon Ramsay. If he loves helping out in the kitchen, consider picking up one of our food mixers and baking sets — over time, he’ll learn how to mix and fold, slice and dice, and mash and mince. Soon, he’ll be making you dinner every night!

At My Happy Helpers, the opportunities to play and learn are endless. Browse through our collection of toys for boys and check out online today.

What toys do you recommend for baby boys?

When shopping for baby boys, we recommend looking for toys they can reach for, hold, suck on, shake and make noise with. Rattles are always a popular choice and we’ve got loads to choose from — for example, our Mini Ken Kookaburra Rattle is fluffy and cute while making lots of noise when bub shakes him around! The Mini Orchestra Set is also lots of fun with bells and bright colours — perfect for engaging visual, auditory and tactile senses.

Just remember to avoid toys with small parts and projectiles, and avoid toys made of foam as this can pose a choking risk. 


What toys do you recommend for one-year-old boys?

At one year old, boys are crawling, walking and babbling, and over the next 12 months, your boy is going to learn and grow a lot. With this in mind, it’s time to stock up on toys that foster imagination, sensory stimulation and physical development in a super fun way!

Music and movement are popular with one-year-olds and their hand-eye coordination is blossoming, so make sure their toy box is filled with smaller toys and puzzles that are easy to hold and manipulate.

Your toddler can start their own miniature-sized band with our double-sided drum, the DJ Mix & Spin Studio and the Percussion Duo (featuring a clapper and a guiro with a stick). If they’re showing more interest in building blocks and puzzles, consider opting for the Petilou Stacking Garden — with bright colours and cute characters, your toddler can learn how to stack the pieces correctly.


What toys do you recommend for two-year-old boys?

At two years old, your boy can run around, kick a ball, play with more than one toy at a time and loves to play with different switches and buttons on toys. They’re curious and they’re active — exciting toys are a must to keep your child learning and occupied at all times!

If your toddler has a need for speed, now is the time to invest in a Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Trike. This trike can convert into a two-wheeled balance bike when your boy is ready. Just strap on a helmet and some knee/elbow pads and off he goes!

For a real challenge, opt for a balance board instead. Simple and super fun, your toddler can balance on this wobbly board, drag friends and siblings around the living room on it, or even give their teddies and dolls a cosy place to sleep. If your toddler loves scribbling with chalk, opt for the black balancing board as a two-in-one toy.

What toys do you recommend for three-year-old boys?

At three years old, your boy might be making friends at preschool, developing a stronger memory and longer sentences, and getting involved in imaginative play. This is where small world play begins — our Greenhouse with Garden Set, for example, with a little lawnmower, a veggie patch, a greenhouse and lots of plants. Just add wooden people to manage the garden and your boy will soon develop a green thumb!

Ball runs are also very popular with three-year-old boys. Building the run is a challenge in itself and requires concentration and fine motor skills — things your boy is learning every day. Work on the building project together and once it’s finished, your child will feel a huge sense of accomplishment sending marbles speeding down the run!


What toys do you recommend for four-year-old boys?

At four years old, your boy is getting better at counting, reading and spelling — they might even be able to write their own name on paper. He’s also gaining a better understanding of time and his schedule e.g. having breakfast in the morning, lunch in the middle of the day and dinner at night.

If you’re looking for educational toys for boys, we recommend our alphabet blocks — an absolute classic! Your child can get more acquainted with their ABCs and work on building words and sentences over time. They’ll be ready for school in no time. Alternatively, your boy might be ready for Connetix — magnetic tiles that clip together to build new shapes and even structures like buildings, castles and bridges.

Your boy might be ready to move on to his next two-wheeled challenge, too. Your boy can zoom around on a scooter, whether it’s in the driveway or down at the park.  


At this age, imaginative play is still a big deal and you’ll see your boy engaging in pretend play a lot more. With this in mind, we recommend investing in some toys for both boys and girls! A recent study showed that playing imaginary games with dolls can help children develop social skills, theory of mind and empathy.


“When children create imaginary worlds and role play with dolls, they communicate at first out loud and then internalise the message about others’ thoughts, emotions and feelings,” Dr Sarah Gerson (the neuroscientist behind the study) says. 


“This can have positive long-lasting effects on children such as driving higher rates of social and emotional processing and building social skills like empathy that can become internalised to build and form lifelong habits.”

We have lots of wooden dolls that can spark your little one’s imagination. Shop the range online!

What toys do you recommend for five-year-old boys?

At five years old, your boy is ready and raring to go to school! He’s going to be a lot more independent, making lots of friends, getting involved in social play and talking a lot. Play is still very important for their development — but now, play is more challenging and complex with lots of fantasy, imagination and drama.

Small world imaginative play is going to be a big deal for your five-year-old so dollhouses, wooden vehicles and building blocks are still going to be a favourite of theirs. On a larger scale, though, you can opt for Alex’s Workbench featuring all the tools of the trade… even a table vice where your boy can hold things in place!

For the little engineer in your life, add the BRIO Builder Motor Set to the workbench. With 120 components and a functioning battery-powered motor, your child can build a motor engine that has a forward, stop and reverse mode. Now that’s a challenge!

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