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Little Risers

Little Risers Learning Tower - Solid Wood

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Introducing the Solid Wood Learning Tower: A Safe and Versatile Tool for Your Child's Exploration

The Little Risers Solid Wood Learning Tower is the perfect addition to your child's world of discovery and education. Made from premium solid wood, this exceptional piece of furniture is designed to provide a safe and engaging platform for your child's exploration.

Safety is our utmost priority, which is why our learning tower features two removable safety bars. Secured with large knob handles on both sides, these bars provide an extra layer of security, ensuring that your child cannot climb in or fall out when unsupervised. You can have peace of mind knowing that your little explorer is protected at all times.

Growing alongside your child, our learning tower offers three adjustable step heights. At 27cm from the ground, 37cm, and 47cm from the ground, you can easily customize the tower's height to accommodate your child's growth and developmental stages. This means that as your child grows taller and more curious, the learning tower adapts to their needs, providing them with a safe and comfortable platform to engage in various activities.

Durability is key, and we understand the importance of a long-lasting investment. That's why our learning tower is sealed in a clear non-toxic varnish, ensuring its resilience against everyday wear and tear. Made to withstand the demands of active little ones, this tower is built to last, allowing your child to enjoy years of learning and play.

With a lightweight yet robust design, the Little Risers learning tower offers the perfect combination of strength and stability. It is easy to move around your home, allowing your child to explore different areas and engage in a multitude of experiences. Additionally, the tower comes with four stabilizing feet, which can be effortlessly added or removed depending on your child's needs. This adaptability ensures that the tower remains stable and secure, regardless of the environment.

Invest in your child's growth and curiosity with our Solid Wood Learning Tower. With its impeccable craftsmanship, thoughtful safety features, adjustable height options, and durable construction, this learning tower becomes an essential tool in fostering your child's independence, confidence, and love for learning. Order yours today and watch your child reach new heights of exploration!


For more information on Safety Precautions, click HERE

  • Stunning design with extra safety bars for the littlest ones. 
  • 3 easily adjustable step heights that will ensure product longevity.
  • Solid Rubberwood and Varnished to ensure durability.
  • Optional Magnetic Whiteboard

This Learning Towers complies with relevant Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards


Size: 90cm x 40cm x 40cm Varnished 

Step Heights: 

Bottom Step: 18cm from the floor

Adjustable Steps: 27cm, 37cm, 47cm from the floor.

Recommended Age
: 12+ Months

50kg weight limit 

Suitable to be introduced once your toddler is competently standing on his / her own feet. Adult supervision is required at all times and arms length supervision is imperative.  


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Customer Reviews

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Happy Mum
Very happy, can highly recommend

When I bought this, my toddler was coming up to the age of 1. could hold himself up and walk around holding the furniture but still wasn't walking. An experienced Mum suggested it could be too early because he didn't have the support yet and it could be dangerous. I went ahead and purchased anyway as he loves being up with us and insisted on being held while I prepped dinner. If I'm honest, this tower ended up being for my back first and foremost. The ordering process was quick and easy, as was assembly. We picked this tower as it had the extra bar for security if his legs weren't strong enough yet. I also love the solid wood. It looks great and feels extremely safe and supportive. He has slipped and sat down in the tower multiple times, each time no issues he has been contained. He absolutely loves it and we'll remove the extra bar once he's walking and sturdy. If you're after one of these, i'm very happy I spent the extra money. I can see us using it for a long time.

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