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Safety Considerations for your Learning Tower®

We hope that your Learning Tower® brings your family years of fun and learning.  For us, the Learning Tower opened up a whole new world of cooking, crafts, sink play, artwork and so much more. However there are a few things to keep in mind.
  1. The Learning Tower® must be assembled by an adult and all screws should be checked and tightened prior to use.
  2. The age recommendations are a guide only. Parents and guardians should use their discretion based on their child’s individual size and ability.
  3. The Learning Tower should only be used when your child’s hips are below the top railing.
  4. The Learning Tower must only be used under adult supervision. Your child must ALWAYS remain within arms reach.
  5. Prior to use, ensure all dangerous and poisonous items are out of reach. Also ensure the tower is not placed near any hot surfaces or items.
  6. The Learning Tower is designed to be stood on. It is not designed to be played on, rocked on or lent out of.
  7. The Learning Tower is also designed to be used flush up against a solid structure such as kitchen bench top or cupboard, bathroom vanity etc. It is not designed to be used without this support structure in place.
  8. The Learning Tower is not designed to be pushed or dragged along the floor. It is designed to remain in one place and be moved only by an adult.
  9. The Learning Tower® is only to be used on flat surfaces.
  10. The Safety Bar on your Learning Tower is not designed to be used as a means for your child to enter their tower. The Safety bar should remain in place at all times. If your safety bar not fixed into place and you wish to keep using it, we recommend fixing it into place.  Once your child is 3years + you can remove the bar if you feel it is safe to do so.
  11. If you find your child EVER tries to remove the safety bar, please take measures to either remove it entirely, or fix it into place until he/she is old enough to have it removed. You risk damaging your tower if your safety bar is used outside of these guidelines. Suitable measures to fix the safety bar would be a dab of wood glue, or a screw on either side.
  12. It is also recommended that you routinely tighten all screws and check for any defects.
An interesting fact – In Australia there are no specific safety standards for step stools or Learning Towers®.  My Happy Helpers Learning Towers® have however been voluntarily tested against the most appropriate Safety Standards associated with Children’s Products. For further information on our safety tests, please see our Safety Compliance Section.