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Elevate Step Stool - White Birch

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The Elevate step stool is a valuable tool for children who need to access high areas that may otherwise be out of reach, such as kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, or other elevated surfaces. Its sturdy construction and design make it an ideal aid for young children, ensuring their safety and protection while using it.

One of the key features of the Elevate step stool is its detachable stabilizers, which provide additional support and stability to young and inexperienced toddlers. The stabilizers make the step stool more secure, minimizing the risk of falls and injuries. This feature is especially important for very young children who are still developing their motor skills and may be more prone to accidents.

In addition to the stabilizers, the step stool has an extra-wide base and a solid bottom step, which enhances its stability and reduces the risk of tipping over. These features make the step stool safe and secure for children of all ages and sizes to use.

Overall, the Elevate step stool is a well-designed and reliable tool for parents who want to ensure their children's safety while they're learning to navigate the world around them. With its stable and sturdy construction, it provides a secure means for children to access high areas, allowing them to gain independence and confidence as they grow and develop.


Helps a child (or Adult) to reach high places safely

Elegant and well-designed to fit any space

Made from European Birch Plywood and finished with non-toxic Varnish and Paint

Holds 80kg


Size: 38cm H x 40cm W x 39.5cm Deep

Top Step: 20cm Deep 

Bottom Step Height 21cm

Recommended Age: 36+ Months


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