Gift Ideas for Kids

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Beautiful Baby & Toddler gifts for boys & girls from My Happy Helpers

My Happy Helpers stock the very best gifts for babies and toddlers. We have gifts that will get your little ones moving, building, climibing, creating and discovering the world and environment in which they live. 

Sometimes buying the perfect baby or toddler gift is a really tough decision. Whether it’s a gift for a newborn baby girl, a one-year-old’s birthday or Christmas, the decision can be tricky. You want to gift something unique, but also something that will be beautiful, thoughtful and well loved for years to come. Thankfully My Happy Helpers has a range of toys and toddler gifts that cover off exactly what you’re looking for.


The range of gifts on offer at My Happy Helpers are well designed, functional, durable and high quality, meaning they are simply built to last.

Beautiful online toddler gifts and toys

Well designed, functional and classic toys offer fantastic learning opportunities for children and you can literally watch their minds at work as they manipulate the materials and environment around them, to achieve their play goals. My Happy Helpers classic designs make gifting easy. Whether it’s a baby shower, a special occasion or just because, we have you covered.

Looking for toddler birthday gifts?

Consider our range of playroom toys or gross motor activity toys for toddlers. Our Learning Tower is a godsend for any parent struggling with a toddler at meal prep times and our Climbing Pikler offers the perfect safe solution to the ‘climbing toddler’.

Explore our soft plush toy range! Unicorns, swans and super hero’s galore.

Some of the very best toddler birthday and Christmas gifts include Pikler Climbing Frames, Adjustable Learning Towers, Balance Bikes, Beautiful Wooden Toys and Soft Plush... Read More