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Explore and Store Play Cube - Unvarnished Scratch Dent

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Introducing the Versatile Pikler Cube: Endless Play Possibilities

Elevate Playtime: Discover the Pikler Cube: Get ready to unlock a world of fun with our timeless Crawl Boxes, better known as Pikler Cubes. From the smallest adventurers to the boldest explorers, these cubes are a sensation that captivates kids of all ages. Elevate your playroom with the perfect addition—whether accompanied by our Pikler Climbing Frames or not.

Limitless Creativity: Fueling Open-Ended Play: Step into a realm of creativity with Pikler Cubes designed to foster open-ended play. These versatile wonders serve as the ideal canvas for imaginative adventures, seamlessly merging into your playroom setup.

Boundless Utility: A Cube with Infinite Roles: Stack them high, arrange them side by side to craft tunnels, or employ them as crawl spaces, multipurpose stools, tables, or playful storage solutions. The Pikler Cube effortlessly transforms to meet your child's evolving whims.

Aesthetic and Safe: Ready for Playtime: Crafted to perfection, each Pikler Cube arrives varnished with a clear, child-friendly lacquer that's non-toxic and ready for play. Safety and aesthetics intertwine to create a piece that's not only functional but also visually pleasing.

Unmatched Compatibility: Harmonizing with Our Playful Range: These cubes are the perfect companions for any of our Pikler slides, rock walls, or mesh climbers. Seamlessly integrate them into your play area, creating a harmonious synergy of adventurous elements.

Craft Your Dream Play Space: It Starts with Pikler Cube: Your quest to design the perfect play space is made easy with our Pikler Cubes. From imaginative journeys to functional versatility, these cubes are the cornerstone of endless play possibilities.


  • Made from Premium European Birch Wood
  • Please note, the colour may vary between our ranges.  Being a natural resource we can not control the colour and believe the unique colours add to the interest of the individual pieces
  • Varnished for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with most brands of Pikler Climbing Frames and Ramps
  • Meets AU/NZ Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124:1, 8123:2, 8124:3
  • Designed to be used by one child at a time
  • For Domestic Indoor Use only


  • Please note that Plywood might have imperfections within the layers that will NOT be apparent once your product is assembled. These imperfections do not impact the product's performance or deem it faulty.

Size: 60cm x 60cm x 60cm

Recommended Age: 18+ Months


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