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My Happy Helpers

Adjustable White Birch Floor Bed - White Baskets

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Elevate Independence with Height Adjustable Floor Beds: Embracing Montessori Principles

A Modern Twist on Tradition: Step into a realm where innovation meets tradition with My Happy Helpers' Height Adjustable Floor Bed. This gorgeous take on the timeless floor bed concept marries beauty, functionality, and the core principles of the Montessori approach, providing a haven where your child's growth and independence are nurtured.

Montessori Aligned: Fostering Freedom and Independence: At the heart of Montessori lies the belief in empowering children to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. Our height adjustable floor beds perfectly encapsulate this philosophy. By placing your child at ground level, you provide them with the freedom to navigate their sleeping space independently, enhancing their sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Safety by Design: A Lower Perspective: Safety takes center stage with our floor beds' low height. The reduced height eliminates the risk of falls, ensuring peaceful slumbers while offering you peace of mind. As your child awakens and navigates their surroundings, they do so with confidence, knowing that their sleeping space is designed with their safety as a paramount consideration.

Crafted for Durability and Delight: Crafted with child-friendly and durable materials, our floor beds are built to withstand the energy of little explorers. The result? A timeless piece that evolves with your child's journey, promising years of joyful use and comfort.

A Bed for Every Stage: From infancy to early childhood, our height adjustable floor beds adapt with your child's growth. Begin with the low setting that encourages exploration and safety, and as they mature, elevate the bed to meet their changing needs. Our beds are designed to be an enduring companion, transitioning gracefully from floor level to a standard height bed when the time is right.

A Dreamy Space, a Lifetime Investment: My Happy Helpers reimagines the floor bed as more than furniture—it's an investment in your child's growth, independence, and well-being. The bed's timeless design, adjustable height, and commitment to Montessori principles ensure that this is a cherished piece that will stand the test of time, embracing your child's journey through every stage of development.

Experience Independence with My Happy Helpers' Height Adjustable Floor Bed

Promote independence, nurture growth, and celebrate your child's journey with a floor bed that aligns with the Montessori ethos. From safety and simplicity to durability and adaptability, our floor beds are an invitation to embrace a space where your child's dreams take center stage. Discover the magic today.


  • Finished with a water based, non toxic paint
  • Three Adjustable Height Levels
  • Solid Slats to raise the mattress off the floor and b enough to withstand your little ones jumping with delight !! 


  • Designed for an Australian Single Size Bed
  • 18mm European Birch Plywood & Solid Rubber Wood
  • Mattress, Sheet Sets and Quilt Covers Sold Separately
  • Headboard is 100cm Tall and 96cm Wide 


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