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Cube Weaning Table & 2 Chairs - White

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Discover the Magic of Baby Led Weaning: The Ultimate Weaning Table and Chair Set

Fostering Independence from Day One: Step into a world of excitement and freedom with our Cube Weaning Tables and Chairs. This remarkable table and chair set is meticulously designed to support Baby Led Weaning, empowering even the tiniest explorers to embark on their journey towards independence.

Embrace the Montessori Magic: Crafted with love in a stunning natural birch, our Weaning Table and Chair Set is a dream come true for little ones eager to break free from traditional high chairs. Its inviting design and child-friendly dimensions set the stage for your baby's first steps into self-feeding and exploration.

Versatility Unleashed: Watch as this weaning table and chair set grows hand in hand with your child. As your baby blossoms into a curious toddler, our innovative design lets you effortlessly flip the table and chairs, creating higher seats and/or a taller table. This adaptability caters to their evolving needs, providing a comfortable and age-appropriate space for mealtime adventures.

Elevate Their Experience: Embrace the Magic Today: Unlock the magic of Baby Led Weaning with our exceptional Cube Weaning Table and Chair Set. Let your little one's independence soar as they embrace self-feeding and exploration. Crafted with passion and care, this set ensures unforgettable mealtime adventures filled with joy and discovery. Step into a world of excitement, growth, and enchantment - bring home the Ultimate Weaning Table and Chair Set today!


  • European Birch plywood 

  • Include two weaning chairs.
  • Flip feature allows for easy adjustment to higher seat and/or table as your child grows

  • Promotes independence and self-feeding, fostering fine motor skills
  • Flexible Design - Table can fit up to 4 chairs (2 on either side of the table) 
  • Versatile design accommodates various activities beyond mealtimes
  •  EO Grade Wood

  • Weight limit up to 50kgs
  • Non-toxic paint and varnish finish

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Table Size:

  • 66.5cm (W) x 50cm (D) x 43cm (H)  

Chair Size:

  • 28cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm

  • Bottom Seat Height: 13cm

  • Top Seat Height: 19cm

Recommended Age
: 12 months - 4 years


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