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My Happy Helpers

Bambino - Natural

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  • Ideal first Pikler Frame
  • Develop early Gross Motor Skills
  • Silky Smooth Finish
  • Safe Rung Spacing
  • Compliant with Global Safety Standards


Introducing the My Happy Helpers Baby Bambino Pikler Triangle: A World of Adventure for Little Explorers

Nurturing Early Adventures: The Bambino Pikler Triangle: Discover a realm of excitement tailored to your youngest adventurers with the My Happy Helpers Bambino Pikler Triangle. This specially crafted climbing wonder is designed to empower even the tiniest hands, fostering growth, confidence, and the joy of exploration.

Crafted for Safety and Learning: Features of the Bambino Pikler Triangle: With slimmer rungs, a lower height, and a flatter base, our Bambino Pikler Triangle is meticulously designed to meet the needs of your littlest babes. As they learn to pull themselves up and navigate around, they'll find safety in grasping the rungs, embarking on a journey of movement and development.

Empowering Growth: The Impact of Pikler Triangles: From a tender age, the use of a Pikler Triangle shapes gross motor development, challenging spatial awareness and igniting a sense of empowerment in our babes. As they embrace self-initiative while guided by the love and support of caregivers, a foundation of independence is nurtured.

Tailored for Little Adventurers: Ages 0 to 30 Months: The Bambino Pikler Triangle is custom-crafted for your little adventurers aged 0 to 30 months. Witness their journey of growth as they gain confidence, mastering the art of pulling up, scrambling, and exploring within their very own baby climbing frame.

Unlock a World of Potential: Elevate Gross Motor Skills: Fuel your child's developmental journey with a diverse range of gross motor skills toys. My Happy Helpers offers a comprehensive selection that guarantees boundless entertainment, nurtures skills, and fosters growth for years to come. The experience of a baby using the Bambino Pikler marks an important developmental milestone. As your little one embarks on this new adventure, they learn to navigate their movements in a whole new way. Initially, they might push forward to climb, and you'll see the Bambino slide across the floor, but soon they'll discover the art of pushing down to ascend. This shift signifies the blossoming of their gross motor skills, a vital aspect of their physical growth. As your baby practices and refines these newfound climbing skills, their confidence will soar, and their coordination will improve. Embrace this transitional phase, as it's a natural progression in their journey towards mastering the world of movement and exploration.

Embark on a Journey of Growth: Explore the Bambino Pikler Triangle: Step into a world of excitement and discovery with the Bambino Pikler Triangle. Designed to ignite exploration, movement, and self-assuredness, it's more than a climbing structure—it's an invitation to learn, play, and thrive.

**Please be aware that this item is not suitable for use with our Scramble Nets


  • Made using European Birch Wood
  • Hardwood Dowels
  • Suitable for Babes up to 30months
  • Meets AU/NZ Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124:1, 8123:2, 8124:3



  • 45cm x 45cm x 45cm
  • 25mm hardwood rungs
  • Not suitable with Scrambles Nets

Recommended Age: 6 - 30 Months Always with Parental Supervision 



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