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3 Tier Bookshelf

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Elevate Independence with Our Toddler-Friendly Bookshelf

Introducing the Qtoys Bookshelf: where independence meets accessibility for your little ones. Crafted with young explorers in mind, this bookshelf is designed to empower toddlers and children to take charge of their toys and books, fostering a sense of ownership and organization.

Unveil the Unique Design: The heart of this bookshelf lies in its ingenious design. With tilted shelves, arranging books and puzzles becomes a breeze. Every shelf becomes an inviting platform, urging children to interact with their favorite stories and engage with educational activities. Watch their faces light up as they effortlessly select and explore their treasures.

Space-Saving Marvel for Every Room: In a world where space is a precious commodity, our 3-tier bookshelf stands as a solution that doesn't compromise on functionality. The compact design is a perfect fit for small spaces, maximizing vertical real estate while minimizing its footprint. Say goodbye to cluttered floors and hello to an organized haven that seamlessly fits into any room.

Versatility Meets Ample Storage: Don't be fooled by its modest size—this Bookshelf boasts three shelves that offer generous storage space. From storybooks to puzzles, toys to trinkets, it accommodates a wide range of items. This versatility ensures that your child's interests and needs are catered to, making it an essential piece of furniture that evolves with them.

Elevate Your Child's World with the New Addition Bookshelf: Empower your child with a world where independence and organization are celebrated. Let the New Addition Bookshelf be a gateway to discovering the joy of exploration, fostering a lifelong love for reading and play. Elevate their environment with a piece that complements their growth and curiosity—a bookshelf that doesn't just hold items but holds the promise of endless discoveries.


  • Made from recycled tree branches
  • Oiled and finished with non-toxic coatings
  • Premium quality, durable and last longer


Size: 90 x 43 x 25 cm


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