Developing your toddlers Gross Motor Skills - the 6 best toys

Developing your toddlers Gross Motor Skills - the 6 best toys-My Happy Helpers

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Developing Gross Motor Skills in Kids

Gross motor skills play a very important role in our child’s day-to-day functions. This is why experts emphasize ensuring the proper development of gross motor skills in children. Failing to accomplish this will result in a child that will have difficulty doing relatively basic things. This includes sitting on chairs, going potty on their own, or even eating.

How Do You Develop Gross Motor Skills in Children?

Children develop gross motor skills best by playing. In particular, letting children navigate playgrounds can help them develop the necessary gross motor skills on their own. This is because this forces them to use their larger muscles in coordination with each other to do stuff like climbing up ladders or going down slides. Unfortunately, going to playgrounds often isn’t always possible for all parents. Sometimes, the weather might not be agreeable. Or, you might not have a playground close enough in your area for you to go there regularly. Thankfully, this is where toys come in.

What Kind of Toys Can Help Kids Develop Gross Motor Skills?

It’s possible to develop the gross motor skills of children without necessarily having to go to the playground all of the time. Certain toys can be used as indoor substitutes, like for example:

Balance Boards


Using balance boards, children will have to learn how to shift their body weights appropriately and respond so that they can stay on the board. But because these boards are not that high anyway, they’re also safe. This makes the ideal method to develop the vestibular input in children, which is what’s responsible for the coordination of the head, body, and eyes.

Balance Bikes


A more modern and arguably better alternative to the classic tricycle is the balance bike. In fact, the argument exists that balance bikes are better at developing a child’s gross motor skills. Not to mention, balance bikes make it easier for children to move on to actual bikes once they’re older.


Balance Beams

A great way to teach toddlers how to self-correct and adjust their movements, as well as balance themselves, is to let them get up on balance beams. The best part about balance beams is that they can literally be any object found around the house. Although those that are sold on the market are often typically safer and better designed for children.

Pikler Climbing Frames

Compared to the typical climbing platform found in the playground, a pikler climbing frame (and similar structure) are a much safer alternative. They’re perfect for teaching children to learn how to explore and set boundaries on their own. At the same time, parents don’t have to worry as much about children falling off of the edge since they’re relatively low.

Skipping Ropes

Regular skipping has a lot of benefits in children. In fact, studies show that skipping can help improve a child’s concentration, memory, as well as their problem-solving skills. This is in addition to how skipping can help children develop their gross motor skills and become more confident in their own abilities physically. Hoola Hoops What makes Hoola Hooping different from other physical activities that involve toys is that it requires children to be able to do multiple things successfully. For example, it requires children to adjust and learn how to move their trunk separately from their limbs. At the same time, they’ll have to both learn how to balance themselves and be flexible.

The Importance of Play


Children should have as many opportunities to play as they can, especially in their younger years. This is because play is crucial to their growth, learning, and development at such stages, allowing them to hit physical development milestones, among others. Using these toys can help promote the development of a child’s gross motor skills without necessarily forcing it upon them.


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