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It's no secret that dinosaurs are amongst the best toys for kids. Dinosaurs are giant, prehistoric creatures that capture kids' imaginations in all age groups and continue to be a popular toy choice. 

Their young imaginations are set on fire as they happily play with really cool dinosaur toys, roaring away while roaming around the house and creating the funniest dinosaur conversations.

Your dinosaur crazy kids can probably tell you the difference between all the species and recite the names of every dinosaur that ever existed! Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Parasaurolophus, Velociraptor, and you can't forget the good old Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

But as a parent, it's probably been a long while since you've thought about dinosaurs, let alone remember all their long names. 

So, how do you choose the best dinosaur toys for your kids

Things to consider when buying dinosaur toys

When you're considering buying dinosaur toys, the first thing to know is they're fun for every child – dinosaurs don't discriminate! 

Picking a suitable toy will depend on your child. Consider their age, cognitive development, and taste in toys and listen to any dinosaur names they're excitedly talking about non-stop. 

With so many dinosaur toys to choose from, you can opt for dinosaur puzzles, playsets, figurines, memory games, dinosaur skeleton kits and much more. 

The best part is that dinosaur toys will never go out of style, so your child’s collection can grow with them. Their dinosaurs can also be handed down as your child's imagination grows and tastes change. 


Our range of wooden and felt dinosaur toys is created with gentle shapes and safe materials for children. Even when they're flying them around the house or stomping them across tables, you can rest assured there are no sharp edges that will leave big dinosaur chomp marks. 


Dinosaur toys inspire imagination. Your child will create all sorts of scenes and conversations from the mighty T-Rex going into battle, Triceratops flying around overhead or Brontosaurus gently nibbling away at treetops. Their interest in history is sparked as they strive to know about each dinosaur, searching for their all-time favourite.    


Don't be surprised if dinosaur toys are invited to tea parties, join zoo animals, or get tucked up in bed next to a favourite teddy bear. Dinosaurs are an awesome versatile toy that will be taken anywhere and invited to play with other toys. The scope of a toy dinosaur's world will go as far as your child's imagination. 


There are dinosaur toys for all ages, from toddlers to older children. Adorable baby dinosaurs are cute and friendly and loved by younger children. Expand their imagination with dinosaur playsets or challenge them with dinosaur puzzles. Older children love unearthing dinosaur bones and discovering what they've found. 

Our best toy dinosaurs

At My Happy Helpers, our best toy dinosaurs range from dinosaur figurines, magnetic dinosaurs, puzzles, stamps, playsets, felt boards and board games to colouring and craft sets. 

You're guaranteed to find a dinosaur toy your child will adore… and it'll be the best thing ever! 

Not only will your child have hours of dinosaur fun, but you'll be fostering their intellectual, emotional and social development as their fine motor skills and imagination grow. 


  • Dinosaur figurines
  • Dinosaur figurines are a must for every dinosaur-loving kid. If you can't choose between them, you'll be super popular when you bring home all 8 wooden dinosaurs – T-Rex, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Brontosaurus. Meanwhile, younger kids will love our cutest felt dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur magnets
  • There’s just something about magnets that kids love, especially when they're dinosaur magnets! Your fridge (or any magnetic surface) will become an instant attraction, with kids moving the dinosaurs around, creating fun scenes full of adventures and stories. If you don't want a fridge covered in dinosaurs, they come with a storage box, making pack-up time easy. 

  • Dinosaur puzzles
  • There's a range of dinosaur puzzles for all ages, engaging imaginations and improving fine motor skills. You can choose from classic dinosaur jigsaw puzzles ranging from 36 to 750 pieces, dinosaur egg puzzles with facts, dinosaur peg puzzles, luminous dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur hatching puzzles and more. 

  • Dinosaur playsets
  • Your child will love our dinosaur playsets, setting up scenes for hours of adventures. There's something for everyone, from full dinosaur playsets featuring volcanos, lava streams, palm trees, mountains and dinosaurs to portable dinosaur playsets they can take with them to playdates. There are also smaller playsets like the Marina, Savannah or Sahara Dino set. 

  • Dinosaur board games
  • Perfect for rainy days and family fun times, our dinosaur board games will keep you captivated. Match and count dinosaurs as you race your way to winning a medal at the finish line in an exciting dinosaur race. On top of that, you can have some fun playing dinosaur lotto as you fill your board with matching pictures. 

  • Dinosaur arts and crafts
  • Artistic dinosaur enthusiasts will love the range of dinosaur arts and crafts. From dinosaur stamps, stickers and felt boards for creating fun dinosaur scenes, colouring sets and dinosaur crayons to the world of dinosaurs multi-craft kit, you’ll find something for dinosaur inspired artists of all ages. 

    Shop our range of dinosaur toys today

    For the little dinosaur fan in your world, shop our range of the best dinosaur toys today – you won't be disappointed. 

    From figurines that are safe for little hands to fun and engaging puzzles to stimulate their imagination, you'll find awesome dinosaur toys at My Happy Helpers. 

    Our range of dinosaur toys suits various budgets, so you can start with one and build up your collection as your child's passion, imagination, and skills grow. Dinosaur toys make perfect presents, and there's nothing better than seeing a little face light up when their favourite dinosaur enters their world. 

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