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Why kids love My Happy Helpers Climbing Frames

We pride ourselves on the extensive safety testing and durability of our designs and products. Our range of Pikler Climbers are tested to Global Standards are since inception, we have advocated for increased compliance across the industry.

Endless Fun for Babies and Toddlers: Create the ultimate climbing experience for your little ones with our Medium Wooden Climbing Package. Designed to inspire exploration, balance, and motor skill development, these sets are a huge hit with babies and toddlers alike.

Unleash Their Imagination with Open-Ended Play: With our climbing sets, your child can embark on a journey of open-ended play. Each set offers a variety of climbing and balancing activities, allowing your little one to explore at their own pace, depending on their ability and courage.

Quality Natural Timber: Embrace the Beauty: Crafted from natural timber, our climbing frames offer both durability and beauty.

Encourage your little ones sense of adventure and discovery with their very own Climbing Set. Watch as they build confidence and enjoy hours of active, imaginative play.

We Design & Manufacture Australia's Safest Piklers & Accessories

Tested in leading laboratories, our range of Piklers and Accessories comply with both Mandatory & Voluntary Australian Standards. These include 8124:1, 8124:2, 8124:3 and 8124:6

The most important standard for Pikler Compliance is 8124:6, so always do your due diligence before purchase

Combining a Pikler Triangle with a Scramble Net creates an exciting environment for toddlers to boost their motor skills. The Pikler Triangle encourages climbing, balancing, and spatial awareness, while the Scramble Net adds complexity and challenges fine motor skills. Together, these activities promote strength, agility, and problem-solving abilities in toddlers, fostering independence and confidence as they explore at their own pace.

The integration of a Scramble Net enhances the climbing experience, requiring toddlers to use their hands and fingers to navigate through the netting. This helps refine fine motor skills crucial for tasks like writing and self-care. Additionally, the combination stimulates cognitive development by engaging spatial reasoning and strategic thinking as toddlers plan their movements through the obstacles.

Overall, the Pikler Triangle and Scramble Net combo provides a holistic learning experience that supports physical and cognitive development in toddlers. It promotes a positive attitude towards learning and exploration, laying the groundwork for lifelong well-being.