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Baby Indoor Pikler Play Set - Unvarnished Ball Run

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  • Perfectly Crafted for Babes up to 3 years
  • Includes Unvarnished Bambino
  • Includes Unvarnished Ball Run
  • Easy Indoor Pikler Play Set
  • Silky Smooth Finish


Introducing the Unvarnished Baby Pikler and Ball Run: Kindling Early Adventures

A Pathway to Movement: Nurturing Early Explorations: Welcome the wonders of movement with our Unvarnished Baby Pikler and Ball Run —an enthralling pair that sets your young adventurer in motion. This meticulously designed baby starter kit is finely tuned to ignite exploration, balance, and motor skill growth in infants and toddlers under 3.

Empowering Choices and Courage: Envisioning the Possibilities: Bestow your child with the empowering gift of choice as they navigate the realms of climbing, balancing, and open-ended play. Guided by their abilities and nurtured courage, the Unvarnished Baby Pikler and Ball Run provide a canvas for them to chart their own journey.

Cultivating Confidence through Play: Building Foundations: Cultivate your baby's confidence and strength through the medium of play with the Baby Climbing Frame—a playset ingeniously designed to foster growth. Hidden beneath its playful façade, the Baby Pikler Set serves as a catalyst for honing fine motor skills, expanding spatial awareness, and nurturing the seeds of self-assurance.

A Promise of Endless Indoor Adventures: A World within the Baby Pikler: Embrace boundless hours of indoor exploration and amusement as you step into the world of our Baby Indoor Pikler Set. Fueled by unwavering durability, this set stands as a testament to robust construction designed to weather the demands of play. Beyond a mere toy, the Baby Climbing Frame represents an investment in your child's early developmental journey.

Unleash Early Expeditions with the Unvarnished Baby Pikler and Ball Run: Observe your child embrace newfound confidence, strength, and courage as they embark on early expeditions with our Baby Pikler Set. Witness their evolution in fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and self-assuredness—each moment wrapped in the tapestry of engaging play. This set, designed for endurance, transcends the realm of equipment; it's an open invitation to explore, discover, learn, and flourish.

Package includes:

  • Unvarnished Bambino - suitable for use up to age 2.5 years
  • Unvarnished Ball Run - suitable for use up to age 5 years


  • European Birch Plywood
  • Silky Smooth Finish to protect your little ones precious skin
  • Designed to be used by one child at a time
  • 50kg Static Weight Limit
  • Domestic Indoor Use Only
  • Reverse Side is a Slide
  • Cannot be used with a Scramble Net


Bambino Size: 45cm x 45cm x 45cm


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