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Wooden Pikler Climbing Ramp - Unvarnished

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  • 18mm Plywood for Strength
  • Easily extend Pikler Play


Introducing the Wooden Pikler Ramp: Where Playful Adventures Ascend

Elevate Playtime with the Wooden Ramp: Experience the joy of dynamic play with our Wooden Pikler Ramp — a beloved favorite among both little explorers and their older counterparts. This versatile ramp is designed to nurture physical development while fostering courage and creativity.

Choices to Climb: A Path of Independence: Empower your little one with choices as they navigate the Wooden Pikler Ramp. Whether ascending or descending, this ramp adapts to their abilities and encourages them to conquer challenges at their own pace.

Endless Explorations: More Than a Ramp: Unleash the potential for endless explorations with our Wooden Pikler Ramp. Its possibilities are as boundless as your child's imagination. From scaling different heights to turning it into a balance beam, this ramp evolves with your child's evolving interests.

A Bridge to Balance and Confidence: Lay the foundation for balance and confidence through play. As your child engages with the Wooden Pikler Ramp, they not only enhance their physical skills but also develop a sense of achievement that resonates far beyond playtime.

Elevate playtime into a world of growth and joy with the Wooden Pikler Ramp. Encourage exploration, empower choices, and watch as your child embraces challenges with enthusiasm. Make every climb a step toward physical development, courage, and endless play possibilities.


  • Premium 18mm Birch Plywood
  • Compatible with most brands of Pikler Climbing Frames
  • Should be used on an angle below 40cm in height


  • Size: 36cm x 125cm x 8cm
  • Designed to be used with one child at a time
  • For Domestic Use Only

Recommended Age: 12+ Months



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