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Pikler Rock Wall - Unvarnished

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  • Perfectly Crafted for Babes up to 3 years
  • Extend Pikler Play
  • Silky Smooth Finish
  • Hand crafted Rock Holds


Introducing the Ultimate Pikler Rock Wall: Elevate Indoor Adventure Play

Unveil the Thrill: Pikler Rock Climbing Ramps: Prepare to introduce your little ones to the pinnacle of joy and achievement with our exceptional Pikler Rock Wall Climbing Ramp. Crafted to perfection, this wooden wonder is an instant hit among both energetic toddlers and kids of all ages, extending the thrill of indoor Pikler play like never before.

A Gateway to Adventure: Embrace the Adventure: From the tiniest explorers to the boldest adventurers, our wooden Pikler rock climbing and slide ramp captivates hearts and fuels a sense of adventure. It's an unmissable experience that transforms playtime into a journey of excitement, destined to be relished over and over again.

Choices and Challenges: The Beauty of Pikler Rock Wall: Designed as the perfect companion to any of our Pikler climbing frames, this ramp and slide brings versatility to the forefront. Your child's playtime takes on new dimensions with the freedom to choose between rock climbing and sliding, a decision guided by age, ability, and courage.

Dual-Sided Delight: Silky Finish and Rock Climbing Wall: Revel in the smoothness of one side, offering a luxurious and clean slide experience. On the flip side, discover a rock climbing wall that's expertly crafted for little hands. The rock holds ensure a secure grip while ensuring no compromise on the fun.

Enhancing Development: The Power of Play: Beyond endless hours of amusement, the Pikler Rock Wall encourages the improvement of coordination, gross motor skills, and the strengthening of muscles. It's a dynamic workout that simultaneously refines balance and agility, nurturing holistic development.

A Path to Active Lifestyle: Building Healthier Habits: Encourage an active lifestyle as your little ones delight in climbing, sliding, and play. With each adventure, they engage in an activity that promotes a healthier way of living, instilling a passion for movement that echoes far beyond playtime.

Empower Early Achievements: Confidence Through Play: From as early as 10 months, your little adventurers step into a world of empowerment. As they climb, slide, and explore, they forge not only their physical abilities but also their self-assuredness. Parental guidance and support are paramount during this pivotal time of growth.

Designed for Joyful Play: Compatible with Pikler Climbing Frames: Unlock boundless adventure and achievement with our Pikler Rock Wall Climbing Ramp. Paired effortlessly with any of our Pikler Climbing Frames, it's a testament to play that extends boundaries and fuels endless indoor excitement.


  • Compatible with most brands of Pikler Climbing Frames and Cubes
  • 18mm A GRade Birch Plywood
  • Hand carved Solid Wood Rock Holds
  • Designed for use by one child at a time
  • Indoor domestic use only
  • Do not expose to water 


 Size: 36cm x 121cm x 5.5cm

Recommended Age: 10+ Months with Adult Supervision at all times


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