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Toys For 5 Year Olds

Shop our Best Selling Toys for 5 Year Olds


These are our Favourite 5 year old toys !

Xylophone Smackeroo

Sold Out

Nesting Xylophone


Wooden Toy Kitchen Tool Set


Wooden Rocket




Sort N' Tip Garbage Truck


Forest Friends


Wooden Truck With Logs - Dallas


Wooden Tractor With Logs - Fergus


Wooden Toy Army Tank - Walter


Wooden Semi Trailer Truck - Indiana


Wooden Tractor With Trailer - Ellie


Wooden Helicopter - Chase


Wooden Fire Truck - Welles


Wooden Tractor With Trailer - Betty


Large Wooden Bulldozer - Neron


Large Wooden Forklift - Howard


Wooden Toy Passenger Jet Plane - Bessie


Build-A-Road Roller


BBQ and Stove Top


Dinosaurs - Wooden Blocks


Space Blocks


WWF Wooden Animal - Assorted




Safari Blocks


Pets Blocks


Sea Animals

Sold Out



Farm Animals


Jungle Life


Our range of Toys for 5 Year old Kids will have your little ones entertained for hours on end ! 

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