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Little Risers

Little Risers Learning Tower Step Stool 3:1 Combo - Solid Wood

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  • Dual Function Design
  • Includes Magnetic Back Board
  • Includes 4 Optional Stabilising Feet
  • Step Stool Included
  • Solid Rubberwood

Product Highlights


Introducing Little Risers® Deluxe Solid Wood Adjustable Learning Tower 3in1: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen Adventures!

Let Your Little One Soar!

Tired of meal times turning into chaos? Yearning for a way to include your child in the family fun while keeping them safe? Look no further! Little Risers® Deluxe Solid Wood Adjustable Learning Tower 3in1 is here to transform your kitchen experiences and create precious memories with your little helper.

Crafted with Love, Crafted for Your Child

This learning tower is not just any ordinary tower. It's made from 100% natural solid rubberwood, carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail. We believe that using low-cost materials compromises your child's safety and health. Unlike those alternatives, our learning tower boasts 18mm thick rubber wood, ensuring unmatched durability and longevity. 

Safety and Quality Assured

Rest assured, our learning tower meets the highest standards of safety. All Little Risers® Furniture complies with the rigorous Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards and holds the esteemed FSC Certification. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that every step your child takes on our tower is secure and reliable.

Family Bonding Made Easy

Picture this: your little one happily standing beside you, actively engaged in meal preparation or baking adventures. The Little Risers learning tower is the perfect solution to bring your child to bench top height, letting them explore, learn, and lend a helping hand. With three built-in platform heights, it grows along with your child, ensuring the perfect fit at every stage of their development.

    Bring Joy, Learning, and Safety Together

    With Little Risers® Deluxe Solid Wood Adjustable Learning Tower 3in1, you can create magical moments with your child. Say goodbye to mealtime meltdowns and hello to laughter-filled memories. Let your child's imagination flourish as they draw, solve puzzles, and play with the removable magnetic white board. Plus, the extra step stool is a delightful addition, perfect for the bathroom or even more playtime adventures.

    Included in Your Purchase

    • 1 x Learning Tower
    • 1 x Stool
    • 1 x Magnetic Drawing Board

    Invest in Their Future Today!

    Make your kitchen a hub of family togetherness and learning with the Little Risers® Deluxe Solid Wood Adjustable Learning Tower 3in1. Give your child the gift of being involved, the joy of learning, and the safety they deserve. Order now and let the kitchen adventures begin!


     See here for more information and Safety Precautions

    Features That Make a Difference

    • Additional Side Stabilisers: Safety is paramount to us. That's why we've equipped this Tower with four removable side stabilisers on the feet, elevating the stability and ensuring your child's utmost safety.
    • Eco-material: Made from environmentally friendly solid natural wood, this learning tower is BPA-free, non-toxic, and lead-free. Your child's health and well-being are protected while they embark on their kitchen adventures.
    • Space-saving Design: When the fun is over, this space-saving design allows for convenient storage, keeping your kitchen clutter-free.
    • Superior Stability: Solid wood construction guarantees unrivaled stability, while the two safety rails provide an extra layer of protection for your child.



    Size: 90cm x 40cm x 40cm 

    50kg weight limit 

    Recommended Age
    : 12+ Months

    Suitable to be introduced once your toddler is competently standing on his / her own feet. Adult supervision is required at all times and arms length supervision is imperative.  

    Important Information for a Happy Helper Experience!

    Before making your purchase, please take a moment to read through these friendly reminders. We want you to get the most out of your tower and enjoy it for years to come!

    1. Keep It Dry and Happy

    To ensure your tower stays in top shape, it's important to keep it away from water and avoid leaving it standing in puddles. In the event of any accidental spills, simply wipe the tower dry. Remember, water damage or exposure to water is not covered under warranty. Let's keep your tower dry and happy!

    2. Embrace the Beauty of Natural Timbers

    If you have chosen a painted or varnished birch plywood tower, you may notice a slight "pinhole" effect on the edges of the board. Don't worry, this is not considered a defect. It's simply the natural characteristics of using natural timbers, adding a touch of uniqueness to each tower. Embrace the beauty and charm of these natural elements!

    3. Celebrate the Uniqueness of Timber

    The internal grooves in the plywood, where the steps or safety bar slide in, may have a different finish compared to the rest of the tower. This is not a manufacturing fault; it's just an aesthetic variation. We believe it adds to the individuality and character of the timber. Let's celebrate these little quirks that make each tower truly one-of-a-kind!

    We hope these friendly reminders will enhance your tower experience and ensure you appreciate the special qualities of your learning tower. Thank you for choosing us as a part of your family's journey!


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    Introducing the Perfect Pair: The Little Risers® Learning Tower and Step Stool Combo!

    Unlock the full potential of your little one's independence with the Little Risers innovative Learning Tower and Step Stool combo. While the Learning Tower provides a safe and secure platform for your child to engage in kitchen activities, the Step Stool brings additional versatility to your daily routines.

    1. Independence: With the Step Stool, your child can actively participate in various household tasks beyond the kitchen. Imagine the joy of having your little one confidently standing at the bathroom sink, independently washing their hands or brushing their teeth. The bonus Step Stool allows them to develop essential self-care skills while fostering a sense of accomplishment.
    2. Inclusive Family Bonding: The Step Stool creates opportunities for inclusive family moments. Picture this - your older child eagerly joining the family baking session, standing side by side with their younger sibling on the Learning Tower. Together, they can mix, measure, and create lasting memories. The added Step Stool ensures that everyone can actively participate, strengthening sibling bonds and fostering a sense of togetherness.
    3. Versatility at Its Finest: The Step Stool's compact design allows for easy portability and use throughout your home. Whether it's reaching high shelves in the pantry, accessing toys on top of a bookshelf, or simply lending a helping hand in various daily tasks, the Step Stool proves to be an invaluable tool. Its flexibility ensures that it remains an indispensable part of your child's journey from their early years well into their growth and development.

    Discover the benefits of using the included Magnetic Board in your home.

    Elevate your child's learning and play experience with the Little Risers unbeatable Learning Tower, Step Stool, and Bonus Magnetic Board combo. This dynamic trio offers endless possibilities and enriches your little one's development in multiple ways.

    1. Safety and Peace of Mind: The Bonus Magnetic Board serves as a valuable tool to ensure your child's safety when the Learning Tower is not in use or during unsupervised moments. By placing the Magnetic Board at the entrance of the Learning Tower, you create a barrier that prevents climbing and offers you peace of mind knowing your child is protected. Safety meets innovation!
    2. Interactive Learning Experience: The Magnetic Board opens up a world of interactive learning opportunities for your child. With the ability to attach magnetic numbers, letters, or tiles, your little one can engage in educational activities that promote literacy, numeracy, and creativity. The Magnetic Board becomes a captivating canvas for their imagination, fostering cognitive development and a love for learning.
    3. Versatile and Functional: The Bonus Magnetic Board is not limited to magnetic play alone. Its dual-purpose design allows it to be used as a whiteboard as well. Let your child's artistic side shine as they explore drawing, doodling, and writing. From practicing handwriting to creating masterpieces, the Magnetic Board becomes a versatile tool that adapts to your child's evolving interests and needs.

    Invest in the Little Risers® Learning Tower, Step Stool, and Bonus Magnetic Board combo, and open a world of possibilities for your child's growth and exploration. From ensuring their safety, to fostering a love for learning and promoting family engagement, this trio is the ultimate companion for your little one's journey.

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