Pikler Triangle

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Strong, Stable & Lightweight, we stock Australia's Best Pikler Triangles

What is a Pikler Triangle?

The Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame is a classic wooden climbing structure. It’s a strong, stable, lightweight and beautiful wooden play product that also looks magnificent in the home. The Pikler brings us back to the fundamentals of childhood and it allows our children the opportunity to play, create and discover the world around them, at a pace that is unique and makes sense to them as an individual.

Climbing frames offer sensory and motor develop opportunities not found with traditional ‘toys’ and they allow your child to reach new heights and milestones in their own time and in a safe environment. They allow your child to develop many skills, including grasping, standing, playing, climbing, building strength and developing confidence with each and every interaction.

A Pikler is fantastic for toddlers wanting to climb, since it’s challenging but doesn’t offer any real danger. Ideally a child will use a Pikler with no adult intervention, (this is very different to a lack of adult supervision!!) meaning your toddler will have the opportunity to test his/her skills and build their confidence through trial and error, essentially learning how to move safely on their own.

A 9 month old left to his own imagination, will use a Pikler Frame in a very different way to a 3 yr old.

At 4 months of age, the Pikler can be used as a baby gym by simply hanging toys and objects from the rungs of the frame. (please ensure you follow safety guidelines when attaching Play gym objects)

At 9months of age, your little ones are often still finding their feet, so they will use the Pikler to pull-up and lean on. You may find you little one ‘gliding’ in and... Read More