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Getting your kids away from screens and into the fresh air is an absolute breeze when you have the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers in your backyard. 


Kids love the great outdoors (mostly), but for many parents, the tricky part is convincing them to go outside. Sure, bribery or hiding electronic devices could work, but when your backyard offers amazing outdoor toysand garden toy sets, your job of nudging them outside will be much easier.

And the beauty of outdoor toys for kids is that you can take them anywhere. If you don't have a large backyard to play in, visiting the local park or beach is always a fun family day out. 

The main thing is, you're getting outdoors in the fresh air. Outdoor play is vital for your child's growth and development, as they take in their surroundings and enjoy nature. 

Remember when you were a kid – playing outside, riding bikes, and kicking balls until the streetlights came on or mum called you in for dinner? Cool and fun outdoor toys are the modern way of enticing kids and toddlers to get outside and play. 

Outdoor toys for a 1-year-old

1-year-olds are learning their gross motor skills and developing their muscles to start moving around (crawling or walking). They'll love outdoor toys they can grip and handle, with bright colours for added stimulation.   

Scoop and Sprinkle Fish Toy

Fill up a tub of water or baby pool, and watch them waddle around, watering plants and themselves! They'll love sitting in the water, giggling as their funny fish friend sprinkles water over them if they're not quite walking. 

Castle Beach Toy Set

Perfecting the art of sandcastles is a must for every kid, so teaching them young will help them master this skill! With everything you need to create the perfect sandcastle, this set is a must-have for every 1-year-old.


Push and Pull Puppy Toy

Designed for sitting and pulling or standing and pushing, the push and pull puppy toy is perfect for a 1-year-old. They'll develop fine motor skills while improving coordination.  

Outdoor toys for a 2-year-old 


2-year-olds are a bundle of energy; walking, running, climbing and easily distracted. To keep a 2-year-old entertained for hours, you need outdoor toys that are super fun and engage their imaginations. 

Happy Hopperz

Your kids are guaranteed to get some energy out with an adorable Happy Hopperz. Hop on board, hold on to their ears and bounce away. Available in a range of styles and colours.

Balance boards 

Balance boards will keep your 2-year-old entertained as they practice balancing; use them as a seesaw, a slide, a step stool, a boat, a doll bed, a tunnel and much more. Available in a range of colours.


Balance bikes

Balance bikes are the perfect start out bike for a 2-year-old. Using leg power to push themselves along, they'll develop confidence with balance while learning how to control a bike at their own pace. Available in a range of colours.

Outdoor toys for a 3-year-old 

3-year-olds will have developed some fine motor skills and mastered gross motor skills. Keep them entertained with outdoor toys that are bright and fun, ramp up their imagination, and test their skills. 


Kids love blowing bubbles! This XXXXL Bubble wand takes it to the next level, making the biggest bubbles they've ever seen as they try and jump in the giant bubble.


Junior Trampoline  

Help your 3-year-old release some energy by playing outside on their junior trampoline. Super safe and fun, this trampoline is designed to protect your child while they're happily bouncing. 

Outdoor toys for a 4-year-old 

4-year-olds are pretty independent and confident with their fine and gross motor skills. Let their imaginations run wild with outdoor toys that are fun and interactive and encourage them to play outdoors. 


Scooters are super cool and a brilliant way to learn balance and control. Available in a range of styles and colours to suit even the fussiest of 4-year-olds.


Magnifier Bug Jar 

Perfect for the little explorer in your life, this magnifier bug jar will have your 4-year-old outdoors searching through plants for bugs to add to their jar. The magnifying lid helps them examine their bug up close. 


The best outdoor water toys for kids and toddlers 


When it's warm outside, there's nothing better than encouraging outdoor play with the best outdoor water toys for kids and toddlers. Here's some inspiration to help you get the kids outside to cool down with fun water toys. 

H3: Octopus Water Sprinkler

Kids love running and jumping through the water, spraying everywhere from the colourful tentacles of this super cool octopus water sprinkler. 


Sand and Water Table  

Fill the table up with water or sand (or a combination), and your child's imagination will take over, playing with the spade, rake, scoop, funnel, wheels, moulds and more. 

The best garden toys for kids and toddlers 

Encourage your little helper outside with the best garden toys for kids and toddlers. From toy mowers, gardening sets and wheelbarrows to power trimmers and whipper snippers, your child will spend hours helping you in the garden. 

Metal Mighty Mower

Sounding just like a real lawnmower, your child will follow you around the garden, amazed at how well they're mowing the lawn.

H3: Gardening Tools 

Encourage your child to help you in the garden with their very own garden set, complete with gloves, a bucket and 3 plastic garden hand tools.

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Encourage outdoor play with our range of outdoor toys for kids and toddlers – you'll love the variety! 

From realistic garden tools to fun outdoor water toys, trampolines, balance bikes and more, you'll find the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers at My Happy Helpers. 

Our range of outdoor toys suits various budgets and is perfect for presents for children of many ages. 

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