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Best Ride on Toys for Kids and Toddlers-My Happy Helpers

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There are few toys out there that bring as much visceral joy to our little ones as ride on toys. Who can blame them? We all know the feeling: it’s the same one that comes from driving a car, riding a bike and a horse. It’s the feeling of being able to move just that little bit faster than we normally would, and with just a little less effort. At My Happy Helpers, we’re big believers that this feeling should be cherished and passed on to our kids as soon as possible. 


For this reason, we are proud to offer you ride on toys. These miraculous devices come with as many iterations as you can possibly imagine. There are toys that look like cars and toys that look like animals. There are toys that rock, toys that roll, and toys that bounce. Some are wooden, and some are fuzzy. One thing is for sure, though: all of them are intensely adorable, and your child will love you for buying one. 

Age Groups For Ride On Toys

Naturally, kids at different ages will be better suited to different types of ride on toys. Our ride toys for toddlers and babies are intended to be used for several years into early childhood. We have ride on toys for 1-year-olds who can bounce and are taking their first steps, as well as some of the best ride on toys for 2-3 year-olds and the best ride ons for 4-year-olds who have a more advanced muscular capacity. 

Why Playing With Ride On Toys is Good For Kids

Despite being hugely entertaining for your kids (and for those watching!), ride on toys provide unique educational benefits sometimes hard to find in other toys. Fine motor skills, coordination, balance and spatial awareness are all attributes that kids have been known to develop by playing with ride on toys. As they grow up, these skills will stand them in good stead for many activities, but chiefly school sports, where being in tune with your body is very important. By starting your kids early with ride on toys, you’ll be giving them a huge leg up for down the track. 

How to Choose a Ride On Toy


Since there are so many types of ride on toys to choose from, our recommendation would be to think about what type of toy your child would enjoy the most. Do they like animals, insects and imaginary creatures, or cars, trucks and boats? You might want to browse our online collection of wooden and vehicular ride on toys with your child to see which they like best. Another thing to consider is where the toy is most likely to be used and how much space you have for your child to play in. For instance, smaller spaces might lend themselves to a bouncer ride on toy instead of a ride on toy car, which might be better suited to the outdoors.

Our Best Ride On Toys

There are so many kids ride on toys to choose from that making a decision can be challenging! We'll take you through some of the best ride on toys for 12-month-olds and toddlers alike. You may find the perfect toy for your child through further exploration of our catalogue online, but hopefully, this will help to kickstart your decision-making process when you head to the checkout! 

Turquoise Unicorn Bouncer

The name says it all. This bouncer is a fabulous turquoise unicorn adorned with purple stars and a purple horn. It’s bright, sturdy, and a great choice for babies, toddlers and young kids alike. Watch as your child plays for hours, exploring mystical, magical lands replete with wonderful, imaginary creatures. 

Ride On Ladybug

This cute little buzzy ladybug has a bright red back with black spots, two wobbly antennae, a comfortable handle, and – most importantly – wheels! Your child will love being able to move around as they please, and as a plus, they will gain muscular strength and coordination skills as they go. 

Ride On Plush Lion


This fuzzy, plush lion is a ride on toy with maximum comfort. From its soft back to its grizzly mane, this lion will be a sensory delight for your child, meaning they’ll be able to play for hours on end without getting tired. This lion has a cheerful, friendly face that your children will be eager to meet! 

Walk and Ride Cow Sorter

This Walk and Ride Cow Sorter is about as versatile as ride on toys come. Your child can walk, push, scoot, and ride this toy depending on their mood, giving them endless choices during playtime. What’s more, this adorable cow comes with internal storage space for your child’s valuables and a small pull-along toy for added fun.

Black Ride On Vehicle

This swish, smooth ride on vehicle is one of the best ride on cars for 1-year-olds and 4-year-olds alike. In fact, it adorns its prime position as “Number 1” on its side. Large wheels, a shiny silver steering wheel and a comfortable brown seat will make this ride on toy a favourite for any child. 

High Seas Rocker

Yaargh, all aboard the High Seas Rocker! Take your children on a journey to the open seas with this gorgeous blue, white and brown boat, built for long voyages. It’s got an anchor for docking, peeping holes looking out, and a comfortable handle for steering, making it a huge amount of fun for any day.


Shop Our Range Of Ride On Toys Today

Kids ride on toys are some of the most fun and engaging toys you’ll find on the market. Not only are they a delight for babies, toddlers and small kids alike, they are a wonderful aid to your child’s muscular and kinesthetic development. You can shop for even more ride on toys at My Happy Helpers today, by exploring our collection of wooden ride on toys and ride on cars online. Have a browse through our catalogue, and invite your child to see which one they like best. You won’t regret it!

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