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Stacking toys have remained a staple family toy throughout the years. These classic, simple toys are perfect for growing young minds and bodies. Stacking toys allow young children to have the best possible start in life, because they provide them with opportunities to learn through play, and develop extremely valuable skills that they can use later on in life. 

There are many different kinds of stacking toys. They come in a wide range of designs and shapes, including blocks, rings, bowls, and cups, and are available in a multitude of colours. 

These toys are highly beneficial to young children within a wide age range. There are baby stacking toys as well as stacking toys for toddlers.

Stacking toys which are made from wood are very popular because they are highly durable, assist in tactile development, and allow children to appreciate elements from the natural world. Wooden stacking toys are fun, versatile, and stimulate your child’s imagination while helping them to develop a multitude of essential early learning skills. 

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about some of the best kinds of stacking toys around and all of the wonderful benefits that come from allowing young children and toddlers to play with them!


Benefits of Stacking Toys

There are many benefits of stacking toys. In particular, these toys allow children to develop essential fine motor skills and gross motor skills, while also greatly improving their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Not only that, but stacking toys are very useful for developing creative thinking in small children as well as kick-starting their math and communication skills! 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Stacking toys are great hand-eye coordination toys for toddlers. For example, when toddlers pick up a block and start stacking a tower, they have to assess how high they can actually build before it inevitably collapses. These toys are therefore incredibly useful for developing a child’s depth perception and spatial awareness.

 Fine Motor Skills


Stacking toys are fine motor skills toys, as they give your child the opportunity to develop the muscles in their fingers, allowing them to improve their overall dexterity. These toys get toddlers exercising the pincer grasp functionality in their hands, which is a great way to prepare them for future tasks such as holding a pencil. 

Gross Motor Skills

When your child plays with gross motor skills toys like stacking toys, they learn how to exercise and coordinate different parts of their body. To play effectively, they must balance core trunk muscles to sit up, crawl, or walk and use their arms and hands to grasp and reach pieces. Stacking toys also assist in developing bilateral coordination.

Problem Solving Skills


Stacking toys allow young children to set goals and understand key concepts relating to cause and effect. Through trial and error, children learn to conceptualise how to build effectively, by carefully considering what shapes and sizes fit best. The practice of sorting and counting pieces also allows your child to develop early math skills.

Creative Thinking

These toys allow young children to imagine endless possibilities through sensory play. They learn how to sort pieces logically into categories as they develop a  greater sense of colour recognition and shape identification. These categorisation skills are very important as they lead children to start word associating, which greatly aids in the development of early language skills.

Different Types of Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are available in various shapes, designs, and colours. These include designs such as blocks, rings, cups, bowls, and puzzles. Each type of stacking toy is uniquely beneficial in aiding in the development of your child’s essential early learning skills, making them the perfect toys to get your child started on!

Wooden Stacking Toy

Stacking and Nesting Bowls make great baby wooden stacking toys and also allow toddlers to develop their creativity as well as their problem-solving skills through imaginative play. These wooden sorting and stacking toys aid in the development of fine motor skills and allow children to come to logical conclusions regarding different shapes and sizes and imagine new worlds and scenarios. 

A two-tone colour with natural timber materials is a great way for young children to start sharpening their understanding of simple colour differences through sorting and stacking pieces.

These are some of the best stacking toys for 2-year-olds as they encourage toddlers to build, stand and strengthen their core trunk muscles. 

Rainbow Stacking Toy 

Rainbow stacking toys will throw your children into an immersive world of colour, while helping them to harness their creative abilities. These toys greatly assist in the development of your child’s creative thinking and communication skills, as they learn to name and identify not only colours but different shapes and sizes.

Our Wooden Stacking Boxes are highly captivating toys, which are sustainably sourced from New Zealand pine. These boxes offer young children the chance to spend endless hours of open-ended play, while allowing them to develop organisational skills and better spatial and depth perception as they place pieces neatly within each other. 

Circle Stacking Toys

Circle Stacking toys, like natural stacking bowls, are also a great way to get your toddler to improve their spatial awareness and depth perception. These toys make excellent problem-solving toys for two-year-olds and are also excellent stacking toys for 3-year-olds. They are great for developing creative thinking and are made from natural plantation wood and non-toxic materials that won’t harm your children.  

These stacking toys also help to sharpen fine motor skills in children as they continuously need to exercise their pincer grasp. Circle stacking toys will have your children engaged in hours of open-ended play as they happily build, sort, and stack.

Pyramid Stacking Toy


A pyramid stacking toy is a great way to develop fine and gross motor skills in your toddler or young baby. As your child plays, they will need to balance and coordinate their core trunk muscles. 

High-quality toys, such as the First Rainbow Stacker, make for some of the best stacking toys for 6-month-old babies and up. This rainbow stacking toy comes in seven beautifully brightly coloured hoops, and is perfect for little hands who are developing and strengthening their pincer grasp.


Key Takeaways


There’s no better way to get your child started in life than to encourage them to play with stacking toys early on. These toys are available in a variety of designs and colours, and are highly beneficial for young children. Whatever your child’s age, stacking toys will have them imagining endless possibilities and learning skills to last a lifetime. 

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