Kids Outdoor Play

Have more fun in the great outdoors with our Outdoor Play Range

The best fun for kids and toddlers is outside when it’s sunny and warm and they can run around and play. My Happy Helpers has a lot of outdoor play toys for kids to help them get the most of play and exercise.

There are science toys for the inquisitive minds; wooden toys to have them help and play in the garden; bamboo toys and water toys; frisbees balls and more.

Protect your children from the sun with a huge range of sun hats, and save them from the rain with one of our brightly coloured umbrellas. Get them zooming around the backyard on a brightly coloured balance bike or one of these great kid’s scooters.

Browse our collection of outdoor toys for toddlers and find something to thrill your kids for hours every day.

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Outdoor play is a vital part of early childhood development. Over and above the benefits of playing outside in fresh air and not being restricted to indoor play, it provides a learning opportunity around every corner. This is made even better by having the correct educational kids’ toys for little ones to interact with.

Are outdoor toys for kids expensive?

Not at all. You can buy a ball and have them kick it around for hours and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Watering cans, or a wooden mini golf set, are all great Christmas gift ideas that are so affordable from our online store or our factory outlet in Dandenong South.

Wooden toys are handcrafted and built to last long hours outside on the lawn, in the sandpit, wherever the kids end up romping around. The value you get from the years of joy these toys bring is priceless.

Why buy outdoor toys for kids for kids?

How often have you asked your kids to ‘go play outside!’,? Now you can send them outside with some wonderful wooden toys from My Happy Helpers.

Playing outside is a new world of things to discover. Sights and sounds and sensations which you can’t get cooped up in the house. Bright sunshine and fresh air, and they can run around and scream and shout and play as loudly as they want.

Give them toys to play in the sandpit, or to study insects in the flower garden.

You can set up your backyard as a playful and educational space, where children can explore and experience the world through play.

Where can I buy Outdoor Toys

You can grab yourself a wide range of Outdoor Toys from our website.

You can also visit our outlet at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

What are the different types of outdoor toys for kids?

The range of outdoor toys we have for your toddlers and kids is epic. 

Into gardening? We have an awesome wheelbarrow set, or a bright green weathering can, or bright green gardening set with gloves!

You can grab some balls to kick and play around the backyard with, set up a stone pathway with some balance and move toys; if your kids are into gold we have a crazy golf set or a wooden mini golf set.

Protect your children from the sun with a huge range of sun hats, and save them from the rain with one of our brightly coloured umbrellas.

There is so much to excite your kids to run outside and play. Shop online or visit us at our warehouse for more great outdoor toys for kids.