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My Happy Helpers

Scratch and Dent Aspire 1 Tier Shelf

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Discover Montessori Magic: Scratch and Dent Sale!

Your Ticket to Montessori Learning: Hey there, parents and educators! Imagine having a chance to bring the magic of Montessori into your learning space. It's time to make your journey smoother with our Scratch and Dent Montessori Shelves Collection. Get ready for a world of learning made easy!

Designed for Success: Ever wished for shelves that match the Montessori way of learning? Our shelves are specially designed to fit right into the Montessori approach. They're not just stylish but also strong, ready to hold all your learning resources. It's like having a magic helper for your littles!

Rotation and Engagement: Guess what? Our Montessori shelves are like a secret weapon for toy rotation and sparking your little one's curiosity. It's like having a special toolkit to keep the learning journey fresh and exciting. Get ready for hours of engaged exploration!

Why Choose Montessori Shelves? These shelves aren't just shelves – they're your key to creating a Montessori learning wonderland. Whether you're teaching at home or in a classroom, you're in for a world of educational possibilities.

Get Your Montessori Magic Today: Ready to bring Montessori magic into your learning space? Don't miss out on the chance to own these fantastic Montessori Shelves. Whether you're teaching, guiding, or watching your littles learn, you're in for a journey of discovery. Get yours today and let the Montessori adventure begin!

These shelves are designed to be wide enough to fit popular European Block Sets such as Grimm's 


  • Open design ideal for Playrooms and Classrooms
  • Premium European Birch plywood
  • 2 Shelves 
  • Varnished to ensure longevity and protection of your shelves. (Note the side panels are UV painted in child safe paints, we do not use laminated products) 

Please read before purchase: Due to the nature of plywood the edges can show a 'pinhole effect' through the varnish. This is not a manufacturing defect and is considered completely normal. 

Please note some images are digital renders.


Size: 90cm L x 45cm W x 41cm H

Shelf Heights:

The bottom Shelf 10cm from the ground

Top Shelf 41cm from the ground

Recommended Age: Please note this is not a toy and shelving units should always be anchored to a wall to avoid injury.  

Please note this is painted and varnished timber. It is not laminate


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