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Prints and Decals for Kids

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Make bedtime a little more magical with our Children's Bedroom and Nursery Prints

Your child’s room is a haven of calm and comfort. It is here where they snuggle close to you during storytime, share secrets and dreams. As they grow older, it becomes a space where they add their little individual touches with decorations and trinkets. And don’t be surprised if this happens sooner that you anticipated!

At My Happy Helpers, we want you and your child to LOVE the spaces you create together with prints and decals. Walls offer a great opportunity to adorn a room and give it character. Decorated just the right way, it will not overwhelm or clutter a child’s room.

Whether you're creating the perfect playroom, a stylish bedroom or simply looking for a gift, our range is designed to turn everyday spaces into a magical wonderland for little boys and girls. You can your little one can choose from gorgeous fairies, pretty unicorns, cute animal characters, elegant swans, woodland animals, sweet serenity inspired images, ballerinas and alphabet prints that are all ready for you and your little one to choose a perfect picture.

Involve your child in the decorating process and see how their imagination soars as they picture a beautiful swan drifting across a lake, or a bashful woodland creature batting her eyelashes.

For those looking for an extra little something, we even offer custom embossing on many of our prints. Enquire today to find out more.

We look forward to creating beautiful spaces for you and your little ones!

Our range of Kids Bedroom Art Prints for Girls & Boys

Our beautiful range of kids wall art features Unicorns, Fairies, Dinosaurs, woodland animals, ballerinas and alphabet prints.
We even offer custom embossing on many of our... Read More

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