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What is a Learning Tower ?

The Learning Tower, also commonly known as a Kitchen helper stool, a child safe step stool, and even as a toddler tower, are used to describe the same thing – an enclosed ‘step stool structure’ that enables your toddler to safely climb to bench top height and participate in any number of activities.

How often have you had a baby in your arms whilst trying to cook?  Or a toddler running between your legs while you’re precariously pouring boiling water into a mixing bowl?

If you’re anything like me, it’s too often to count, and it’s most certainly a stressful situation I’d love to avoid. This is where a safely designed Learning Tower® has its place.

A Learning Tower is designed to remove both you and your child from a potentially stressful and dangerous environment and replace it with an opportunity to bond and share enjoyable experiences together. A Learning Tower provides a practical, safe platform that instantly raises your toddler to bench top height, allowing them to feel like an active and independent member of the family. No more running between your legs or pulling at your pants crying ‘up, up, up’!

A Learning Tower removes the stress of worrying about whether your child will slip off a step stool or slide off a chair. The use of a Learning Tower also allows you to focus on the things that matter, the tasks at hand and creating enjoyable, lifelong memories with your toddlers.

Families who utilise a Learning Tower in their home are also giving their toddlers the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with their loved ones and encouraging independence at important times that may otherwise go to waste.
Reminiscent of traditional Montessori theories, activities such as meal preparation, teeth brushing, hand washing and washing the dishes are practical life opportunities, not to be wasted or passed by. Enable your little one with the best start in life by incorporating a My Happy Helpers Learning Tower® into your daily routine.

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