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Outdoor play is essential for growing kids, but we’re realistic here at My Happy Helpers. We know that having your children playing outside all day, every day, is just not achievable. Therefore, we have compiled a few ways your child can still exert energy, learn new movements, and practice their gross motor skills from the comfort and safety of your home.

Balance boards

Balance boards provide endless fun and entertainment for children. Performing actions on a balance board helps children develop the ability to sense body position and react to movements. Jumping, wobbling and balancing are excellent skills for children to learn, and increase the strength and stability in their core muscles, as well as help with coordination, posture and proper spine position. Balance boards take up very little space and are extremely easy to transfer from room to room, so you can keep an eye on your child as you move throughout the house.

Indoor slides

Slides have long been a preferred activity for kids in the playground as it is one of the most adventurous and thrill-seeking pieces of equipment available. Along with providing plenty of laughs, smiles and a gentle whoosh as your little one propels towards the bottom, indoor slides encourage essential skill development. When a child successfully climbs up the slide, positions themselves to be seated, and then pushes themselves down, they are building vital balance and coordination techniques. The repetitive nature of sliding, climbing and sitting uses both upper body and lower body strength helping to support and develop lean muscles, as well as providing classic cardiovascular exercise.


Climbing frames

Children are natural risk takers and have an instinct to reach new heights. To satisfy this need in a safe environment, climbing frames are a great way for kids to climb, twist, fall down and get back up in a space where you can keep an eye on them. As well as learning to grip the bars and use their muscles to pull them up and over, climbing frames also provide a chance for kids to practice problem-solving skills as they figure out how their body can manoeuvre around unusual shapes. 


Keep your child entertained and educated all day long with My Happy Helpers’ range of toys. Designed to activate core muscles and allow children to move freely, our variety of toys are extremely beneficial to the early stages of your child’s life. 


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