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7 genius indoor play ideas for kids on rainy days

Playing outside has long been touted as being essential for our little ones’ growth and development - but did you know your child can get the benefits of outdoor play indoors, too?

When conditions are not ideal for outdoor play, it is important that your child still gets the opportunity for active educational play that mimics their favourite outdoor activities.

With that in mind, here are seven genius kids indoor play ideas that will change the way you – and your young ones – think about playtime.

#1. Indoor Slide Play

Kids Indoor Slide

Bring your child’s outdoor slide play indoors with an indoor play slide like this one! 

Simple to build and easy to use, this child-safe slide is perfect for busy bees that cannot get enough of outdoor play. Your kids will get a bit of a workout as they stretch, climb and slide down the slippery dip.

Ideal for open living spaces, an indoor slide will make a fine addition to any playroom or bedroom and allow your toddler to have hours of entertainment on a rainy day.

#2. Soft Ball Pit Sensory Play

Sensory Ball Pit

It’s no secret: ball pits are a TON of fun! 

Little ones love “swimming” in brightly coloured balls and navigating through a sea of colour - so your kids will love this super soft, foam ball bit. You won’t need to worry about your child taking a hard knock against the ball pit’s edges - just safe, risk-free fun.
Offering fantastic benefits for imaginative and sensory play, a ball pit like this one can also double the fun on an indoor slide – just place it at the bottom of the slide and your young ones will have a fun, soft landing!

#3. Piccolo Pikler Triangle Climbing Fun

Kid on Pikler Climbing Frame

Does your child stare longingly out the window at their jungle gym outside? 

The good news: there’s a perfect indoor play solution for your avid little climber!

The Piccolo Pikler TTriangle is a great fit for the bigger kids. They can climb, discover, and have so much fun – all while working on their gross motor skill development! 

Neat and compact, and if you choose to invest in a Pikler Package there is enough space to fit a Bambino Pikler inside when your energetic climber needs to take a rest.

#4. Boogie with a Felt-Backed Balance Board

 Toddler on Balance Board

Once children become more mobile and learn how fun and enjoyable balancing is, there is no stopping them! 

Parents can tap into their learning journey of balance with a felt-backed balance board - it will keep them moving and playing for hours on end.

As they play with their board, your little ones will strengthen their legs and core muscles. When they take a rest, their playtime can transform to imaginative play as their new favourite toy becomes a slide or a rocker for their teddy bears, or even a bridge.

#5. Move Your Body Discs Fun

 Kids Mindfulness Activity

Imaginative play can teach little and bigger kids alike so many skills – from cognitive skills like problem-solving and empathy to physical development as they move and act out scenarios. 

As an indoor play activity, it provides hours of exploring and creating each scene to the next!

One of our favourite imaginative play sets is a Move Your Body Discs Set that features 12 animal images, all waiting to come alive thanks to your kids’ imagination.

Watch as your children get down on the ground to crawl like a crab or hop around the house like a feisty kangaroo. Playing with play discs like these will give their vocabulary a big boost too – making this indoor play activity all the more rewarding.

#6. Hula Hoop Happiness

Child Hula Hoop 

Hula hoops are so much more than just big, round rings that you need to keep from falling on the floor as you shimmy from side to side. For your child, it can be a super fun indoor activity that helps them concentrate, develop motor skills and above all, build their confidence. 

Make sure they have lots of space to start their workout, as they will without a doubt be excited to show mum and dad their moves!

#7. Wooden Alphabet Blocks Building

 Kids Alphabet Blocks

Gorgeous building blocks with letters and eye-catching colours are perfect for indoor play. Your little ones will love discovering the different letters, images and colours on each block - not to mention taking a sense of pride in building a “high” tower – and then knocking it down too! 

Block play is a must-have on your little one’s indoor play-list – so, get them building and learning today.

Ready, Set, Play!

Are you keen to make the most of your child’s indoor play? Browse our full range of fun and educational toys, made from sustainable materials like wood!

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