Which Learning Tower suits my Family best?

Which Learning Tower suits my Family best? | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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What is a Learning Tower?

To day we answer some of your most commonLearning Tower questions. If there’s anything we haven’t covered off and you’d like to know more about, ask away via the comments section at the bottom. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that if you’re wondering it, so is everyone else.

What is an adjustable toddler Learning Tower® and how do they work?

The Evo for example - is quite simply a tower that grows with your child. The top step on this style of toddler tower can be quickly and easily raised or lowered, depending on the height of the child using it at the time.
The bottom step remains fixed in place and serves purely as a tool to help your child step safely onto the higher platform.

When should I adjust the step height of my Toddler Chef Stool?

For the My Happy Helpers Range of Adjustable Learning Towers we suggest the following age groups and step heights as a guide (please keep in mind that if your child is above or below average height, you will need to adjust accordingly) Above all, we recommend that you follow our safety guidelines and once your child’s hips reach the height of the safety bar, you should lower the top platform.

Top Level – age 1-3 years
Middle Level – age 3-5 years
Bottom Level – age 5-7 years


What’s the difference between an Adjustable Learning Tower (Evo) and a Standard Learning Tower (Fisso)?

We can simply answer this question by saying that a fixed learning tower (Fisso for example) does not adjust in height. It simply consists of 2 fixed steps that the child safely climbs up and down. The benefit of this type is that it’s usually a much more affordable option. The downside, is that these Towers do have a limited lifespan due to their inability to adjust in height.
Fixed Learning Towers are a brilliant option if you’re planning on extending your current family. As the older child starts to grow out of it, the younger child will subsequently be able to make use of it. At this stage, the biggest problem you’re likely to have is that your older child won’t want to give up his or her ‘pride and joy’!

Which Learning Tower or Wooden Toddler Step Stool should I purchase?

If the Evo adjustable is an option for you, we would recommend this first and foremost. The Evo offers your family the most flexibility and several more years of use. If you have children of varying ages, this is a good way to cater for them all, without purchasing several towers, however if your budget is limited (and let’s be real, who isn’t limited by budget these days?!) then the Fisso is a really good alternative. The Fisso will provide your toddler with the same opportunities and experiences that the adjustables will, they just wont offer you the same longevity of use.

What is the Tavolo Dual Function Learning Tower to Table?

The Tavolo is an ideal solution for small spaces. Combining two toddler essentials, a table that is perfect for mealtime, play time and everything in between - and something that will help encourage your little ones to get creative in the kitchen, the Tavolo really is an ‘all in one’.

What should I look for in a Toddler Tower?

At the end of the day a it's about providing a safe platform for your little one to independently explore the environment in which they live. Therefore it makes sense that your first consideration should be your child’s safety. Has the Tower you’re looking to purchase been independently safety tested. Not so fun fact: did you know that there are zero mandatory safety standards that apply to Learning Towers in Australia? Therefore if the Tower you’re looking to purchase has not been independently tested against AU/NZ voluntary standards, there is no way of knowing that the design and structure is actually safe. Has the Tower you’re considering been professionally weight limit tested ? Or has someone who weighs ‘roughly 80kg’ stood on the tower and therefore deemed it ‘safe’ for a weight limit of 80kg?
Please remember, that price is not always a fair indication of quality or safety. At My Happy Helpers, we have scoured the world in an effort to provide your family with safe, affordable and beautiful products.

My Happy Helpers priority is your families safety and affordability so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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