What is the Pikler Approach?

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Have you ever heard about the Pikler Approach, or wondered what the Pikler Principle is? 


The theories of the Pikler Approach were shaped by the Hungarian pediatrician Doctor Emmi Pikler’s theory on early childhood development. Today, Emmi Pikler’s theory still provides an immense benefit to early childhood development practices. 

Plus, Emmi Pikler’s theory also provides inspiration for the Pikler Frame and its related climbing frame, ramp, and triangle

So, what does the Pikler Approach actually entail?


Understanding the Emmi Pikler Theory

According to the Emmi Pikler Theory, there should be a respectful relationship between a parent and their child. This relationship can be enhanced by various factors like uninterrupted play and allowing little ones to learn at their own pace.

So, how does it impact the design and approach of a Pikler Frame? 

What is a Pikler Frame and how does it fit in with the Emmi Pikler Theory?


A Pikler Climbing Frame - also called a Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame - is a classic wooden climbing structure. Designed by Doctor Emmi Pikler, it reinforces the principles of children playing, creating, and discovering the world around them at a pace that is unique to them and makes sense to them as individuals. 

Children can already interact with a Pikler Frame before their first birthday, developing their skills of using the frame and triangle - they might even get a bit gutsy once they learn how to use the frame, too!

The Pikler Approach: Principles that will most definitely play a part in your little one’s development!

Strengthened by the Emmi Pikler Theory, the Pikler Approach is one of the best methods a parent can follow to help their little ones play and advance at a pace they are comfortable with. Your kids will benefit from this respectful atmosphere and will become more confident as they master their Pikler Play Equipment.

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