Do I need a Learning Tower for my toddler?

Do I need a Learning Tower for my toddler? | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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As parents, we often get bombarded with messages and advertisements about kids’ accessories that we should consider getting for our little ones. This could get overwhelming, especially if we are not sure what is best! One such piece of furniture that without a doubt comes up in conversation is a learning tower.

What exactly is a learning tower?

A learning tower is exactly what it says in the name: it is a structure designed for educational learning and play, inspired by Montessori values to inspire kids to learn and grow.

Do I need a learning tower?

One of the big things we want to stop in its tracks is letting our little ones slip into a sedentary routine of too much screen time or not being active enough. A learning tower is a perfect aid to get little ones involved in family life as they explore and learn more about the world around them. A learning tower also provides protection against bumps and falling down, allowing your child to enjoy becoming more independent. They will love this boost of confidence and be more motivated to try out new things in life, such as trying out a slide or climbing on the jungle gym at home or playschool.

When should my toddler start using a learning tower?

At around 18 months, your toddler should be ready for their learning tower and they would comfortably be able to use this wonderful aid up to around age 6.

Always opt for a reputable provider when purchasing a learning tower to ensure this furniture piece is made to the highest standards and will not wobble or break easily.

We definitely recommend having a look at our varied range of learning towers. We have a wide range of options to choose from – even a build designed for two! 

If you need more information or guidance on learning towers and their benefits, we are always ready to assist – contact us today if you are keen to purchase a learning tower but not more details on the different options available!


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