Soak up the sun: 4 super fun outdoor activities for kids

Soak up the sun: 4 super fun outdoor activities for kids | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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Soak up the sun: 4 super fun outdoor activities for kids

Fresh air, friendly faces, and loads of FUN! 


Outside play gives children so much space to explore and enjoy sunny weather – and introducing some of their favourite toys to the great outdoors just makes it so much better.


With fewer constraints when compared to indoor play, you can go big or small with toys and activities, depending on your little one’s age.

Want to know the best part? Mum and dad can join in on the fun, too! In this blog, we share some of our favourite outdoor activities for kids and parents to enjoy together. Read on!

#1. Gardening fun 

Budding little green fingers will love joining mum and dad for some gardening fun. 

A set of kid-sized garden tools complete with a hand spade, trowel, rake, watering can, and gloves  will turn them into instant gardeners, ready to help mum and dad to water the plants and dig in the dirt to plant some flowers.

Gardening is a fantastic activity to get your kids active while also developing their motor skills as they rake, pour, and measure out soil. Get them a couple of child-sized plant pots and let them enjoy putting sand into it - and pouring out if it gets a bit too full!


#2. Sand scoop play

Need to do some chores outside? If your young ones want to join in the fun, there’s no reason to say no - all you need is a bucket of water and a coconut sand scoop

This perfect playtime treat will keep your child busy for hours as they role play, explore and experiment with water, and enjoy a sensory session. When mum or dad needs to take a break, they can join in the fun as you take turns to have fun in the sun.


#3. Walk the (pram) walk

ho are just learning to walk have loads of space to perfect their balance and walking skills in the great outdoors  – under the watchful eyes of mum and dad, of course! 

Take them to the park for a longer stroll with a wooden walker where they can stash some of their favourite toys. When it is time for a break from exercising and strengthening their little muscles, playtime can begin and you will soon be having a sunshine teddy bear picnic!

#4. Spin a YoYo

Want to teach your kids to ‘walk the dog’? How about taking a spin “around the world” or “around the corner”? A good old-fashioned YoYo is perfect to share with your child and show them how it’s done. Playing outside with one of these nifty toys gives you lots of space to teach your children all the YoYo moves you learned in your own childhood – plus, it’s a great opportunity to test your own skills, too!

Ready to get active with outside play?

Outside play can be as grand or as easy as you want - the important thing is to have fun! Always look for activities that will capture your child’s imagination as they play – with wide-open spaces abound, their creativity will surely soar! Shop online for outdoor toys and activities with myhappyhelpers - we have tonnes of wooden and weather-resistant toys, perfect for the outdoor world.

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