4 life hacks for when your toddler becomes a fussy eater

4 life hacks for when your toddler becomes a fussy eater | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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Sooner or later, it is bound to happen to every parent.

One moment your little one will happily be enjoying soft potatoes and carrots at the dinner table, showing mum and dad how much they love their healthy veggies - then, suddenly, these once favourite mealtime treats are tossed aside, followed by a loud “EWW!”

Although it can be worrying when your child refuses to eat their former favourite foods, take comfort in the fact that this is a completely normal phase for children.

They are growing, they are learning about taking control of their little lives, and they might just be developing their own unique taste in food.

As their parents, the best you can do is to support them as they develop their food preferences. To help a little along the way, we’ve collected some life hacks for mum and dad to try when mealtimes start feeling like a battle of wills. Read on!

#1. Test the waters with a variety of foods

Do you love peas, but hate having onions in your food? Your little one might just have discovered they aren’t that fond of certain foods, too.

Make sure to serve up a variety of different foods to keep them interested and engaged. They will soon figure out which foods they like and which foods they don’t like.

A good idea for older kids is to make use of emotion recognition blocks as part of the experience to help them convey if they like something or not. Make it part of the game: put the cards next to them and ask them what they are thinking. This will add a bit of fun to the experience too – and your children will feel comfortable telling mum and dad if they really, really don’t like onions!

#2. Try mixing it up a little

Did your little ones suddenly lose interest in eating potatoes after they have been scoffing down mouthful after mouthful for a while?

Try serving up some of their favourite foods in different variations.

Did they love mashed potatoes but now think it is too “runny”? Try boiled potatoes and see if that will work. Perhaps they are getting bored of the same old thing, so mix it up and show them all the options available.


#3. Make mealtimes more interesting with fun tableware

Worried about your little ones not showing much enthusiasm at mealtimes? Investing in beautifully designed, kid-friendly tableware for your children can change this up completely.

car-shaped eating set, for instance, that is filled with delicious food will strike a chord with little ones and make them excited about trying each compartment’s food.

Mealtimes will not be boring anymore – what could be more fun than eating out of a unique little car-shaped bowl!

#4. Focus on nutritious foods

Last, but certainly not least: remember that the most important thing that you can do at mealtimes is to serve up nutritious food for your little ones.

Young children still have little tummies and might not need as much food as older children, so focus on helping your toddlers get the nutrition they need from various food sources.

Stay positive and encourage your kids to develop their unique taste in food

When your toddler becomes a fussy eater, positive, keep on encouraging your little ones at mealtimes and show your children that they can, with confidence, show mum and dad which foods they like the most! For mealtime inspiration, be sure to check out the selection of tableware on offer on our website.

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