Our top 5 picks for the best toys for 3-year-olds

Our top 5 picks for the best toys for 3-year-olds | My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd

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Your little one has grown! They might not be so little anymore, but his or her fine motor skills have developed over the last year and they can do “big kid” stuff like zipping up their hoodies and confidently slotting shapes into wooden puzzles.

Since turning three, you have probably been taking a closer look at their playroom and the toys they are currently playing with. One of the questions you might be asking is if there could be an improvement or even an “upgrade” to make their toys a bit more age-appropriate.

Well, wonder no more! We’ve put together a handy list to help you choose the best toys for your 3-year-old – you’re sure to find something here that they will love!

#1. Beautiful building blocks

Building blocks make perfect toys for a 3-year-old - just like this little castle set made from natural wood! Great for problem-solving skills and even teamwork if they are building with friends, your child will love building and creating beautiful shapes that capture their imagination!

#2. A cuddly unicorn friend

Now that your child is slightly older, they will be able to take more care when playing with their plushie friends, like this sweet little superhero unicorn. Their imagination will take flight alongside their unicorn’s adventures and he will definitely get loads of cuddles for being such a good friend!

#3. An engaging sensory play kit

Your kids are more curious than ever about the world around them and a sensory play kit will help them discover and learn even more! Packed with an alphabet tracing board, emotion blocks, sensory rice and other goodies, it will provide educational learning fun for hours on end!

#4. Puzzle and play fun

Check out this dino puzzle with a difference! Not only will your child enjoy fitting the egg shapes together, but there is some egg hatching happening, too! 


Your little one will have loads of fun developing their fine motor muscles and dexterity to complete this puzzle. Mum and dad can even add a bit of dinosaur trivia to play time to pique their imagination. 

 #5. Real-life ice cream play


Let your curious 3-year-old indulge in some real-life play with an ice cream play set. If they have had this delicious icy treat with mum and dad before, they will definitely know exactly what to do to “run” their own  ice cream shop. Your child will enjoy exploring the various shapes and colours as they “prepare” some tasty ice cream. 


This lovely wooden ice cream selection includes four ice cream cones, six ice cream balls, two popsicles, three macaroons with serving plates, two spoons, two saucers and one ice cream scoop.

Ready to spoil your special 3-year-old?

If you love the selection above or want to explore a little more, you can browse our website for best toys for a 3-year-old’s playroom or bedroom. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too where we share loads of inspiration and real-life interactions with our products.


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