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When it comes to toys for 2-year-olds, also known as toddler toys, nothing is more fun than learning through play! 

Learning activities are best remembered when they engage and stimulate a toddlers mind. We do this through fun activities, bright colours, and cleverly designed wooden learning toys for toddlers that encourage creativity, thinking and imagination. 

Toddlers love to explore their environment, play and learn using their senses. At this stage of their development, they are prone to using taste and touch to interact with new things. That's why it is so important to have toddler toys that are designed for their age group specifically so they get the most out of playtime and can play with the same toy over and over again. 

The best toddler toys provide fun education and help improve skills that they can use to prepare for school and later life. 

Our toy range offers safe wooden toys designed so they can’t be eaten and have no small pieces small enough to swallow.   

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What to consider when choosing the best toddler toys?

The best toddler toys should be: 

Safe. Fun. Stimulating. 

The best learning toys for toddlers should also serve a purpose: promoting motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, word/number association, and exercise.  


Toddlers are generally considered to be around 2 years old. 

They have different needs that baby toys can’t give but are too young for preschool toys that focus on STEM and harder problem-solving. 

Consider toddler toys if your child is two years of age.  

Educational or play toys

Educational toys for toddlers work on basic problem solving and promoting learning through fun activities. 

Toddler play toys focus more on motor skills and interaction by playing with shapes, textures or large objects like a pram. 

Indoor or outdoor toys

Whether you want your child to play with their toys indoors or outdoors, a mix of both is great for the little ones. 

Toddler toys are usually categorised as being designed for indoor or outdoor play, so it's easy to tell which is which. 

What types of toys do toddlers like? 

Toddlers love to play with lots of types of toys.

Here we are going to break down the best toddler toys by type. 

1. Activity toys  

Our colourful range of activity toys for toddlers will, without a doubt, surprise and delight your little ones! Our clever designs stimulate the senses and get your little ones using their brain, hands, fingers and every part of their body to learn through safe, fun play.  

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Triangular Activity Centre

This educational Triangular Activity Centre is five fun activities in one toy! It features counting and animal matching/sorting boards on either end, an abacus, ABC picture blocks and a chalkboard.

2. Stacking toys

Our wooden stacking toy range comes packed with chunky, beautifully hand-painted blocks that are safe and fun for toddlers to play with. On their way to becoming a stacking master, toddlers will improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Wooden Rainbow Flowers 

Beautiful Wooden Rainbow Flowers for stacking, sorting and even building! The biggest flower is 32 cm in diameter, making these great toddler toys. 

3. Sorting toys 

Our carefully crafted and visually stimulating sorting toys are designed to teach your toddler about object association. It's a fun and safe way to learn about patterns that also builds skills that can be used later in life, giving them a head start for school! 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Rainbow Nests 

30 beautiful hand-painted eggs in Rainbow Nests are brilliant for your toddler to safely learn sorting, matching and colour recognition during fun playtime. 

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4. Pull Along toys 

Pull along toys gives your toddler the chance to feel like a grown-up! Walking and pulling is not only an excellent way to exercise but it allows them to become more accustomed to making big movements with their arms and legs.

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Kinderfeets pram 

Both a baby walker and pram, this soft White Painted Walker by Kinderfeets made from birch wood is the perfect way to get toddlers confident with walking further and safer. 

 5. Dolls  


Dolls are a great way for your toddler to learn about companionship, friendship, and looking after another. Our range has plenty of cuddly and friendly characters for your little one to cuddle and spend the day with.

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Big dodger The Dino 

Despite what his name may have you believe, Big Dodger The Dino is never one to shy away from a cuddle. This soft, plushy toy has been keeping toddlers in happy company since the dawn of time. 


6. Rockers 

Our rockers fuel the imagination with creative designs and are built to last. This playtime is fueled by the power of a toddler’s imagination, so they can safely gallop on a horse or sway with the waves of the ocean. 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

High Seas Rocker 

With a bench-style seat and supportive back piece, it's playtime for your little sailor with the High Seas Rocker. Simply grab the handles and rock back and forth like they’re on the rolling waves of the ocean. 

7. Pushers & Mowers  

Toddlers love to get their legs moving and pushing a pusher or mower is a fun way to keep their hands busy. Our pushers & mowers come with plenty of features and gizmos to keep the little worker entertained. 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Activity Walker  

Build confidence in walking for your toddler with this Activity Walker, packed full of exciting and entertaining activities that are sure to provide hours of playtime fun!

8. Waterproof toys  

You and your toddler don’t have to dread bath time. In fact, it could be one of the best parts of the day! These water-based activities are designed for fun play in the bathroom so your toddler can enjoy splashing around without making a mess. 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Peppa’s Foam Cone Factory 

It's fun bathtime playtime for any toddler with this pretend ice cream maker! The Peppa’s Foam Cone Factory comes with a clever bubble maker that sticks to the bathroom wall or the sides of your tub with hidden suction pads. 

9. Musical toys 

Does your toddler love to listen to songs and music? Do they love to make a beat? If so, musical toys are a great way to nurture their passion. Our range focuses on fun and easy play with beautifully designed instruments for your little musician. 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Barbell Shaker 

These toddler Barbell Shakers make a beautiful, relaxing chime when rattled and will immediately engage and flourish a child’s love of rhythm and music. 

10. Hammer toys 

Sometimes your toddler just wants to hit stuff. That's ok, let them interact and learn safely with our range of fun and interesting hammer toys. Each one is designed for hand-eye coordination and motor skill learning in mind. Hammer away! 

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Here’s one of our favourites: 

Wooden Pound A - Peg 

The Wooden Pound A- Peg includes brightly coloured pegs and a wooden mallet for endless hand-eye coordination entertainment and fine motor skill exercise. 


Key Takeaways

Toddlers love to explore their surroundings. With toys, they can interact with that environment whilst stimulating their senses and learning new skills. 

A toddler is a child considered to be 2 years of age, in between a baby (0-1) and a preschooler (3-6) 

There are lots of different toddler toys to learn and play with. The categories are all listed above, but each one focuses on developing skills, whether that be motor skills, hand-eye coordination, association or problem-solving. Meanwhile, others develop their imagination to discover their likes and dislikes. 

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