Best Educational Math Learning Toys

Best Educational Math Learning Toys

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Here at My Happy Helpers, we believe that playing and learning can be done at the same time!

Educational math toys are a fantastic way to nurture your child’s maths knowledge by encouraging key skills like counting, addition and subtraction. These toys help your child still feel like they’re playing a game while being exposed to basic mathematic skills. Are you looking for the best math learning toys for your little whiz? Then keep reading to discover the best toys for all ages.

Why Math Toys are Important for Your Child

Wooden Counting Tray

In this day and age, there are plenty of other ways to teach maths than using homework and ROTE learning. Some of the skills that educational math develops are:

  • Problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Emotional management
  • Fine motor skills

Wooden Educational Math Toys - The Essentials

In a world full of plastic, wooden maths toys are a more eco-friendly alternative. These toys have been a staple for generations and are a classic tool for kids looking to have fun while they learn maths.

For example, Wooden Counting Trays are designed for toddlers and help to teach the basics of counting with matching wooden balls. 

This is just one example of our many wooden toy options at My Happy Helpers. We also have wooden education toys for outdoor play, construction and toy vehicles. With such a wide variety, why shop anywhere else for your next toy purchase?

Math Counting Toys for 5-8 Year Olds

Each type of toy is designed to challenge your child’s math skills, and there are more challenging toys for older, more advanced children. With so many options on our website, we’ve shortlisted our top three toys for kids aged five to eight.

5 Years Old - Wooden Number Set 

Wooden Numbers - Qtoys
(Product Image via Qtoys)

The possibilities are endless with our Wooden Number Set. Each set comes with two of every number from 0-10, and a customer review highlighted that it is “great for early learning”. It is a highly beneficial maths toy for 5-year-olds, as the hands-on approach trains their fine motor skills! 

6 Years Old - Pea Pod Math Activity Set

Pea Pod Activity Set - Math for Kids

Create sums in the little tray pockets, or challenge your child to line up the numbers in the correct order. The Pea Pod Math Activity Set uses numbers and symbols to create new challenges that result in a fantastic 6-year-old maths toy. Build your child’s problem-solving skills with this set from Qtoys.

7 Year Olds - Counting and Maths Set

Math Counting Tray
Is your child a master at counting forwards? How strong are they at counting backwards? Our Counting & Maths Set is a blessing in teaching simple mathematics. Although simple, it offers a variety of different learning experiences, and we highly recommend this toy to strengthen your child’s counting skills. 

Math Counting Toys for 9-12 Year Olds

The older your child gets, the more advanced the toy needs to be to challenge their maths skills. Please always double-check the ‘features’ tab on the product page to confirm the recommended age of the toy. 

9 Year Old - Maths Activity Board

Kids Math Activity Board - Qtoys
Enhance your child’s cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, language development and fine motor skills with our Maths Activity Board. Complete with a board and 144 pegs, the endless variations offer an early introduction to learning times tables, ratios and factors.

10 Year Olds - Number Counting and Subitising Discs 

Subitising involves looking at a group of objects and recognising how many there are without counting. This is a vital skill for young children to learn as they tend to over-rely on counting.

Subtising Learning To Count

These Discs will help to build a strong mathematical foundation for future learning and boosts your child’s overall number recognition skills. Try this new math toy for your 10-year-old child today!

11 Year Olds - Natural Counting Board

Kids Counting Board
The Natural Counting Board is a great all-rounder toy to improve basic maths concepts and refine counting skills.

To make things even better, this board also develops your child’s fine motor skills by strengthening your child's pincer grasp - a delicate skill that is the action of pinching an object with your thumb and index finger. 

Please note that our range of math learning toys doesn't stop at 11-year-olds. Our store has hundreds of products from leading brands with math toys for kids 12 years and older!

Wooden Abacus Toys Online

A great tool found in playrooms, kindergartens and classrooms, the Abacus has been a classic maths learning toy for many generations!

Abacuses are visual and manual toys whereby kids can see how they arrived at their answers. Because children have to physically move every bead, it helps them to visualise numbers and better understand new mathematical concepts.

Wooden Tree Abacus Counting Toy 

Wooden Abacus
Check out our popular Tree Abacus to introduce math and problem-solving concepts to your child. Our abacus is made from wood, 60cms tall and recommended for kids aged two and up. 

The Growing Popularity of Math and STEM Toys

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Although that may sound too complex for kids, basic versions of these concepts can be introduced at a young age. 

STEM toys focus on scientific concepts like electronics, math, and physics.  A common example that we all know is LEGO. This type of play helps unlock creativity and teach kids construction basics.

Browse Our Range of Educational Math Toys Today! 

We are in the business of making maths fun, and we have a variety of toys for kids to empower our mathletes of tomorrow.

Kids Math Toy

Be sure to browse our curated collection of math toys to inspire learning in a fun and creative way outside of the classroom. Children learn best through play, especially for more abstract concepts like mathematics.

Which new educational math toy will you be shopping for today? Browse our entire math toys range now!

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