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Organic Dough - Barbershop Craft Kit

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Playful Fun with Developmental Benefits

Explore the world of playful learning with our dough set, designed to deliver endless fun while nurturing crucial developmental skills. Delight in the knowledge that this toy not only entertains but also fosters growth and learning in young minds.

Safe and Natural Ingredients

Safety is our priority, and our dough set reflects that. Made with all-natural and 100% safe ingredients, it provides a worry-free playtime experience for your little ones. The wheat flour and edible pigment mixture, enriched with natural essential oil extracts, create a sensory-rich and delightful playtime adventure.

Enhance Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination: Watch as your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination blossom with every playful squeeze and roll of the dough. This tactile exploration and manipulation help build essential motor skills that prepare them for various daily tasks and future learning challenges.

Sensory Stimulation for Holistic Development: Playing with dough is not just entertaining; it's a sensory adventure for young minds. The act of pressing, rolling, and shaping the dough provides valuable sensory stimulation, fostering holistic development and expanding your child's perception of the world around them.

Easy Cleanup for No-Mess Enjoyment: Say goodbye to messy playtime! Our dough set offers a no-mess solution that both you and your child will love. After the creative play session, simply store the dough back in its containers, leaving no trace behind. Enjoy the play without the stress of cleanup.



  • Promotes creativity and imagination through play
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Made of safe and all-natural materials


Carry box size:

  • 17.5cmL x 9cmW x 21.5cmH, (with handle 30cmH)

Round container size:

  • 8cmL x8cmW x 4.5cmH
  • Each dough weights: 100g

Recommended Age: 36+ Months


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