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Maze Bead Game Box

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Unleash Fun and Learning with the Maze Bead Game!

Simple Setup: Get ready for hours of entertainment with the Maze Bead Game, which is easy to set up by placing a cardboard picture behind each threaded rod. Your child can then find the matching bead to the picture and thread it onto the rod, promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Add a Challenge: For a little extra challenge, your child can try threading the beads on the threading rope that comes with the game. This adds an exciting twist to the gameplay and encourages problem-solving and concentration.

Perfect for On-The-Go Fun: The Maze Bead Game is designed for convenient on-the-go play. It packs up easily, making it an excellent travel companion for keeping your child entertained during long journeys or trips.

Complete Set: Each game comes with everything your child needs for endless playtime fun. The set includes 42 wooden colorful beads, a stacking tower, threaded rope, and multi-level game cards, providing various ways to play and explore.

Promote Learning and Creativity: As your child engages with the Maze Bead Game, they develop essential skills such as matching, sorting, and sequencing. Additionally, the game sparks creativity and imaginative play, as they design their own bead patterns and combinations.

Experience the joy of discovery and learning with the captivating Maze Bead Game. Watch as your child's confidence grows as they successfully thread beads and tackle challenging game levels. Get ready for smiles, laughter, and endless fun with this engaging and educational toy!


  • Helps develop fine motor skills, colour recognition and ability to follow instruction
  • Packs up easily for great on-the-go, travel games
  • Each game comes with 42 wooden colourful beads, a stacking tower, threaded rope and multi-level game cards
  • Made from timber and finished to the highest quality. Painted in child safe, non toxic paint


Recommended Age: 36+ Months


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