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Learning Tower Magnetic Board

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Magnetic Whiteboard: This learning tool is easily attached to a Learning Tower, Pikler, Chair or easily hooks onto any number of items for easy access.

Premium Materials: Constructed with a Solid Rubberwood Frame and independently tested to comply with the most stringent European, Australian and US Chemical tests, you can rest easy that our products are safe.

  • Use with Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers
  • Convenient Hook Design
  • Perfect for Magnetic Number or Tiles


Magnetic Whiteboard for Toddlers: A Fun and Educational Learning Tool

Our Magnetic Whiteboard is incredibly versatile, with various educational benefits. This interactive learning tool is not only a great way to improve and develop math and literacy skills but also encourages creativity and imagination. Our Magnetic Whiteboard is made with a durable solid rubberwood surround and is conveniently designed to hang from learning towers or piklers, making it an essential addition to any educational setup.

The Importance of Early Education

Building a strong Foundation: A child's early years are crucial for their cognitive development and our Magnetic Whiteboard provides a wonderful platform for toddlers to engage with educational activities, setting the foundation for their future learning.

The Role of Interactive Learning: Interactive learning enhances a child's ability to grasp concepts effectively. With the Magnetic Whiteboard, children can actively participate in activities, making learning enjoyable and effective.

Developing Language and Literacy: By using magnetic letters and numbers, toddlers can begin to recognize and form simple words and sentences. This fosters early language development and paves the way for better literacy skills.

Convenient Hook Design: The hook design on the back of the board allows for easy hanging on learning towers or piklers, providing a stable and accessible learning tool.

The Magnetic Whiteboard is a valuable educational resource that sparks curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in toddlers. Its interactive features make education enjoyable, while the sturdy design ensures it withstands the playful nature of young children. Investing in this Magnetic Whiteboard can greatly benefit your child's development and prepare them for a bright future. 


  • Magnetic Whiteboard Only
  • Designed to be used stand alone or with and of our Learning Towers (excluding the Fisso Range)
  • The Frame is Varnished Rubberwood



Frame Size: 35.5 cm W x  55.5 cm H 

Whiteboard Size: 38cm H x 32 cm W 


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Sue Mason

Cannot review as haven’t given the board as for Xmas 🎄

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