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Kids Wardrobe - Varnished Birch

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Montessori Wardrobe - Where Functionality Meets Style

Welcome to a world of thoughtful design and enchanting practicality with our Montessori Wardrobe, crafted exclusively for your curious little explorers. Embrace the essence of Montessori principles as this gorgeous kids' wardrobe becomes a haven of independence and organization.

Designed for Montessori Toddlers: Tailored to perfection, our Montessori Wardrobe is a STRONG testament to the Montessori philosophy. Every detail is infused with purpose, promoting a sense of autonomy and confidence in your toddler's daily routines. Watch with delight as your little one takes charge of their wardrobe, making choices and exploring with joy.

Functional Heights and Easy Access: Discover a world of accessibility with three thoughtfully arranged shelves, providing ample storage for your child's treasured belongings. The top two shelves are gently inclined, ensuring a clear view of their favorite items, enabling them to reach with ease. Encourage decision-making and organization with this child-centric design.

A Haven of Organization: Six wooden knobs on each side add an element of charm and functionality to our Montessori Wardrobe. These knobs offer a delightful spot for hanging hats, scarves, playful silks, or cherished dress-up costumes. Witness your child's independence soar as they curate their wardrobe with pride.

Versatility with Matching Baskets: Take organization to new heights by opting for our matching baskets, seamlessly integrating with the Montessori Wardrobe. These additional storage solutions offer boundless possibilities, from stowing away toys to organizing everyday essentials. Embrace a clutter-free environment that fosters a sense of harmony and order.

Unlock the Montessori Magic: Infuse your child's space with the Montessori spirit and embrace the beauty of our Montessori Wardrobe. Each element has been meticulously crafted to inspire independence, encourage self-expression, and ignite a love for tidiness. Provide your little one with a wardrobe that grows with them, nurturing their development while radiating elegance.

Seize the opportunity to introduce your child to a world of organization and autonomy with our Montessori Wardrobe. Create a captivating space that reflects their unique personality and instills a sense of pride in keeping things tidy. Elevate their daily routines with a wardrobe designed with Montessori principles at its heart. Step into a world where functionality meets style and watch your child flourish. 


  • Top Shelves on an incline for easy viewing and access
  • All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic
  • 18mm European Birch Ply Wood
  • Perfect height for Toddlers and Children
  • 6 wooden knobs on each side for hanging hats, scarves, playsilks or dress ups


  • Size: 110cm Length x 40cm D x 105cm H
  • Hanging Space (drop) : 85cm
  • Hanging Rail Length : 65cm
  • Shelf Width 40.5cm
  • Shelf Heights : 29cm / 53cm /80cm

Recommended Age: Please note, this is not a toy and we strongly recommend it is secured to the wall. 

Heavy furniture should be secured to the wall prior to first use. We provide basic wall fastenings, but recommend you speak with your local hardware store for an appropriate solution specific to your wall type and requirements. 


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