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Eco Crayons

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Ignite Creative Sparks with ECO Crayons for Little Hands

A Rainbow of Vibrancy Awaits: Introducing our set of 6 ECO crayons – a symphony of vivid colors designed to awaken creativity in our youngest artists. These aren't just crayons; they're the key to unlocking a world of imaginative expression.

Crafted for Little Hands: In the palms of little hands, creativity blossoms. Our ECO crayons are designed with the tiniest artists in mind, offering a chunky and ergonomic shape that's a joy to hold. This unique design encourages kids to practice various grips, enhancing their dexterity and promoting the development of fine motor skills.

More than Color: Growth and Development: Our ECO crayons are more than just a canvas for colors; they're tools for growth. The distinct shape challenges young hands to explore different ways of holding, fostering motor skill development while having fun. With each stroke, your child's grip evolves, setting the stage for future milestones.

Vibrant Hues, Eco-Friendly Clues: Beyond the mesmerizing hues, our ECO crayons hold a commitment to the planet. Crafted with an eco-conscious approach, they are made from sustainable materials, making them a thoughtful choice for both little artists and the environment.

Elevate Creativity with ECO Crayons: Encourage artistic exploration while nurturing growth with our set of 6 ECO crayons. With every stroke, your child's creativity comes alive, and their fine motor skills take flight. Let their imaginations soar and their hands create magic – all while making an eco-friendly choice.


  • Set of 6 vibrant, coloured crayons
  • Made with natural soy and beeswax, colours made of 100% natural, non-petroleum based pigments
  • Specially shaped to help children practice different grips
  • Great for fine motor skill development


Recommended Age: 24+ Months


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